breast size after breast augmentation surgery

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How large does the breasts become after the breast augmentation?

Q. I will be using cohesive gel 275cc (or 300cc) and my breasts are currently AA cup. How will the size change?

Let’s look at how we measure the cup size before we answer the question above. When the difference between the upper breasts circumference and the lower breasts circumference is about 12.5cm, we call this B cup. The cup size increases for every 2.5cm.

Although the top bust is big, visibly big, but if the under bust is small, your cup size can be A or AA.

If your top bust is not so big, but the under bust is very small, then your cup size could be G or F.

So the answer for the question above is:

Breast cannot be measures by the cup size that determines the size of your underwear, and you shouldn’t measure in such a way either. Also one cannot estimate how much the upper bust gets bigger with the implant.

Implant size and volume; Volume differs from one person to another although they use the same sized implants, therefore one should rely on the experience and the judgement of the surgeon (Cohesive gel 250cc, 275cc, 300cc implants)

1)    When the implant is put it, it get pushed down by the skin, muscle, fat, etc therefore the original shape of the implant is not maintained. So if you measure the upper bust size, it will not be aligning with the size of the implant.

2)    Our body has liquidity and flexibility, therefore if a substance gets inside the body, the substance will press down on our tissue. The bigger the implant is, more it will press down on the skin, therefore, it is difficult to estimate the breast size. The degree of pressing down differs from one person to another.

3)    I tried to make an formula that will measure the size differences before and after the surgery by looking at the chest as a oval. One needs to calculate the indefinite integral to get the circumference of the oval but this is complicating so I came up with a simpler version as below.

L is the circumference of the oval. A is the major axis and B is the length of the short axis.
You can see the change in the breast size before and after the surgery by looking at the image below.

The problem here is that one cannot estimate the ‘b’ unit. One cannot know what level of the implant would come across the line that passes through the two nipples and also one cannot know how much the implant would press on the tissue. So we cannot apply this equation before the surgery.

4)    There are many errors and variables as above, so we cannot know how much cc of implant would lead to a particular cup size (how much the circumference of the breast increases).

5)    However, many people ask this question. So I would like to use “volume” to share how large the breasts become.
If you use the implant, the cup size increases, but the volume does not only depend on the height, but it also considers the width. This means that the volume may not increase as much as the cup size.
Also, the purpose of the breast augmentation is not to increase the cup size, but it is to have more volume.

I tell my patients how much volume increase there is after the breast augmentation and this comes from my experience.

Your clothes have sizes such as 44 / 55 / 66. 44 is extra small, 55 is small, and 66 is medium size. The implants can be measured by volume is such a way.

This model wears 55 size. One can say that that she is using a medium sized implant.

Small size (~235cc) ;

Polytech TMS 220cc, Natrelle Midrange 222cc, and Mentor Moderate plus 225cc are in this group. The width of the implant is about 9~11cm. We recommend this when the diameter of the breast is 10.5cm.

Although you use a small sized implant, a person with A cup can become a C cup. The high profile implant is 235cc and the height is about 4.4cm, but the volume does not increase as much.

Small size implant leads to ‘appropriate big size’.

Medium size (240~265cc) ;

Polytech TMS 255cc, Natrelle Midrange 253cc, Mentor Moderate plus 250cc are in this group. The width is about 10.5~12.3cm. These implants can be used if the diameter of the breast is about 11cm.
Medium size implant leads to ‘relatively large’ size.

High Medium size (270~285cc) ;

Polytech TMS 285cc, Natrelle Midrange 272cc, and Mentor 275cc are in this group. The width of the implant is about 10.8~12.5cm. These implants can be used when the diameter is about 11.5cm. High medium leads to ‘large breast’.

How large the original breasts are, how tight the tissue is, and how high the implant are the determinants on whether your breasts become B cup or C cup.

Large size (290~315cc) ;

Polytech TMS 315, Natrelle Midrange 290, and Mentor moderate plus 300 are in this group. The width is about 11~13cm. The diameter of the original breast needs to be about 12cm. Also, the original breast tissue should not be too tight but loose so that the implant can be put in easily, shoulders need to be broad, and the chest size needs to be big for the person to use the large sized implants.

Large sized implants lead to ‘very large breasts’ with any cup size of B / C / D.

But fi you have small original breasts, and if your tissue is tight then your breasts may not be larger than B cup. This does not mean that you have a small volume. This just refers to how the cup size is measured.

Extra-large (320cc or more) ;

In US, it is common to use 400cc or larger implants. Patients with big sized body and sagging breasts use such implants.

It may seem like one should not use large sized implants for sagging breasts but since there is no volume on the breasts, the implants would put much volume.
So one needs to choose long diameter implant in such case.

The cup size is not important in breast augmentation. Cup size does not have any meaning. The cup measurement has limitation on how much the volume can be. One needs to know how the volume would be changed but the cup size is very subjective. Saying you are short or tall is subjective and this applies to breast size as well.

No matter how large the implants are, one may not feel that the breasts are large enough. A person who is 166cm tall and 48kg might feel that she is fat and go on a diet. It just feels that one cannot objectively judge her own body.

Today we looked at how large breasts become with the implants.

Thank you for reading.

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