Double Bubble – A Breast Augmentation Complication

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What is double bubble after breast augmentation?

Let’s look into one of the most common side effects of breast augmentation,
double -bubble

Today, I would like to share about one of the most common side effects in breast augmentation, double wrinkle ( double line, double bubble).

One must know the anatomy in order to understand this side effect, but this is difficult for a normal person, therefore, I would like to refer to an image below.

Normal structure of the breast

This is the normal structure of the breasts. There are some conflicts among the scholars, but the cause of the Inframammary fold is due to the Inframammary fold ligament.

But there are some with a clear Inframammary fold and one that is not so clear. If you are a patient with a clear Inframammary fold before the breast augmentation, then there is a high possibility that you would have double wrinkle after the breast augmentation.

The possibility is higher for those who have sagging breasts or large breasts.

Case of double bubble after breast augmentation

As shown in the image above, if the implant is positioned under the muscle, there is a high possibility of the double wrinkle due to the Inframammary fold ligament.

If the surgery is done above the muscle, this possibility is lower.

If you are the one who has read many articles in this blog, you might know that if the implant is positioned above the muscle, you will be able to feel it easily unless you have thick skin or the original breasts are large. There are much limitations to patients having under the muscle implant if the patients are thin.

That is why we need to conduct double plane correction.

Double plane correction leads to the implants not being felt easily and also preventing the double wrinkle.

How to prevent double bubble after breast augmentation

When the double plane surgery is conducted, most of the implant would be positioned under the pectoral muscle therefore one will not be able to feel the implant easily. And, by cutting off the inframammary ligament, one can prevent the double wrinkle.

However, this is not the only reason that leads to double wrinkle.

Capsular contracture can lead to double wrinkle, and also the position of the implant within the body can lead to double wrinkle as well.

Also, certain part of the body may become really thin during the course of the surgery, leading to double wrinkle.

It is difficult to think that the double wrinkle will be formed in each of these cases but there are various methods on how to remove the double wrinkles. Therefore, it is important that you consult the doctors in order to do so, especially those patients who are thin or have sagging breasts.

This is all for today, thank you for reading.

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