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Those who need recovery in 24 hours _ Career women

Everyone at our country is busy. But there are those who are busier than others. I would like to share about a quick breast surgery recovery for those career women in such need.

Let’s look at some occupations that I can think of.

Housewives who need to take care of their children
Flight attendants
Nurses / doctors, and other medical related
Skin therapists, beauticians
And so on.

Those women who gave birth, breast-fed babies before and currently have babies that are about 5 years old have sagging and less volume breasts that lead to stress.
But is there anything more difficult than raising kids? Housewives are those who have the most need for 24 hour recovery.
It is recommended that you stay away from the children on the day of the surgery. Some simple house works are possible if necessary. You will be able to somewhat take care of the kids on the very next day. In about 3 days, most patients would not have any difficulty taking care of their children.

Flight attendants must be able to do their everyday job quickly enough. They have one of the most difficult physical jobs. Also, their daily schedule is rather irregular therefore they do not have much free time as well.
The frequently asked questions is something like, “when can I start carrying heavy luggage to put it in the glove compartment?” You can take care of luggage that is about 5kg within 3 days. But you would need to wait about a week to carry anything heavier than that.

Flight attendants are mostly worried about bleeding or other emergency problems that may arise during the flight or in a foreign country. Such problems can be avoided by 24 hour recovery system that is carried out by approaching the 밑선. Such women need to select surgery system that controls hemorrhage and minimizes pain.

There are many medical related patients who visit me as well. For example, it is difficult for nurses or doctors who have irregular schedule to get much time off from their work. Physical labor is intense and stressful. Also this is a very difficult occupation in that there are many lives at stake and you have to leave or delay your job.
These patients also need 24 hour recovery system. One must be comfortable and recover quickly to help the others.
If you can get 3 off, then you can consider having a breast surgery.
Other simple procedures can take place on the day of the surgery, but one cannot make beds or move the beds right away. The patient needs to rest about 3 days and then start doing these activities.

There are many skin therapists and beauticians who visit me as well.
These occupations do not require lifting of heavy object, however, they need to move constantly and they use their hands and arms a lot. So most of these patients are curious about how easily they can move their arms after the surgery. Such activities do not have any limitations in work on the day of the surgery, and if you are one with good fitness, then you can get back to your work normally on the very next day of the surgery.
You might even forget that you had a surgery.

Athletes ask a lot of questions as well.
There was a pro golfer who god cohesive gel breast implants. The biggest question was when she could get back to playing golf after the breast augmentation. I believe that she went back on the field with 3 days. She could not carry the golf bag herself, but she could swing the golf clubs without any problem.
Aerobic exercise such as walking or running lightly can be done by anyone on the very next day of the surgery.
Weight training would take some time. You need muscular strength in order to do this. The breast augmentation involves the chest muscles therefore; it takes some time for recovery.  Normally I recommend the patients to do weight training after two weeks.

I also recommend 2 weeks for those who enjoy swimming. There is no problem with getting into the water, but staying in the water continuously for 2 or 3 hours is a different story.

Today, we looked at the breast augmentation according to different occupations .It is not impossible to get the breast surgery when you are working. This is all for today.

Thank you very much.

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