About breast size - breast augmentation Korea

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About breast size - breast augmentation Korea 

There are many patients who do not know how the breast sizes change after the breast augmentation.

The doctors say that he/she would use 300cc or 275cc, but the patients do not know how the breasts would change along with the different sizes of the implants.

About 13~14 years ago, the internet shopping started.

At that time, people didn’t know how to buy the clothes on line just by looking at the clothes through the internet. Most people though that one must wear the clothes to buy one.

This was something unimaginable at the time, however, this internet shopping industry has grown tremendously in the past 10 years. Now, there are many who buy clothes on line. People are more comfortable with the internet shopping and they are aware of different sizes.

Internet shopping website providing explanation on sizes

There are some common sizes in shoes such as 235, 240, and 245. As for bra, there is a band size 70, 75, 80, and cup size of AA, ,A, B, C, etc.

A size is something that a person remembers as she buys things with that particular size.

But breast surgery is different from clothes in that a person would have a breast surgery just once in her life time and it is also difficult for her to know what size other people use.

I have divided the size of the implant into 3; small, medium, and large; because the patients are not aware of different cc. Below is the explanation of different sizes. (Most patients do not choose small and X-large so one can say that there are only 3 sizes)

Natrelle anatomic shape implant cannot be officially imported to Korea 


Mid, High, and Low are different profile of implants. We will explain this at a later time.

Small size refers to appropriate size
Medium size refers to relatively bigger
High medium size refers to very big
Large size refers to huge

This reference may help you understand the increase in size.
The difference in the cup size is difficult to estimate, as explained before.

Most of the women in their 20’s select high medium size. The next popular choice is large size followed by medium size.

This is similar with those in their 30’s as well, but there is relatively high percentage of large sized implants. The numbers are the same. (Most patients decide to get breast augmentation after giving birth and breast feeding their babies, therefore the patients tend to select large sized implants)

Most of the patients in the 40’s have re-surgeries or want to fix the sagging breasts therefore they tend to choose medium and large sized implants.

In Korea, an average patient would be 163cm tall, wears 75A bra and the diameter of the breast is about 11 ~ 11.5cm.

However, most of the patients want their breasts to be larger than small or medium sizes therefore choose high medium sized implants the most.

There aren’t many of those who have large enough breast diameter to use the large sized implants here in Korea.

I think this would kind of give you an idea of what sized implant you could use.

Today’s post was to provide a measure guide to those of you who do not know how cc is related to the size that you could have.

There is no scholastic reference for this, but I looked at many catalogues to come up with the measurement matrix to give a simple explanation that has led to positive feedback.

However, there is a downfall in this, it is a profile of the implant.

As you can see in the image above, ‘Low profile’ refers to long diameter and low height implant, ‘High profile’ refers to short diameter and high height, and there is a ‘Moderate profile’ in between the two.
People who study after breast augmentation at home through the internet do not know about this also.

Another point is that although you use the same 275cc implant, meaning although the volume is the same, the shape would not be the same once the implant goes into the body due to the different profiles.

We will explain more about this profile at a later posting.

It is already summer in Mid-May. I think one can expect how the weather would be in the next two months. Most people are already in short sleeves and pants. Are you worried about showing off your body? I am!

This is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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