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Is inframammary fold incision possible for anyone? 

There are many patients who ask about the inframammary fold incision.
Today I would like to share about the inframammary fold incision surgery indication.
The answer to the question is that the inframammary fold incision can be applied at all times. There is no case where the inframammary fold incision should be avoided.
But there are exceptions to everything. If you look at different cases, there are some that state that the inframammary fold is inappropriate.
Let’s use an image.

breast surgery
Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

I would like to show the cases where the scar is covered well and the case where the scar is not covered at all through the image above.

No 1 is normal breasts with appropriate elasticity where the inframammary fold can be covered as well

No 2 is sagging breasts usually after pregnancy where the skin gets loose and the inframammary fold gets completely covered. You cannot see the inframammary fold.

No 3 and 4 are not good for inframammary fold incision. If the patient is willing to forego the possibility of the scar being shown for a long time, then the inframammary fold incision can be applied.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

This can be expressed as such. If there is no volume in the breast and the skin is tight, then when the implant goes in, there is much pressure pulling it. The scar on the inframammary fold will be made bigger due to this pulling pressure. Axillary fold incision and areola incision are recommended for this type of situation.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

The image above is to explain on the sagging breasts.

No 1 is a severe case of sagging breasts but the overall structure of the breast is maintained. Dual plane and breast implant augmentation can lead to good results. Inframammary fold incision is the best options for dual plane surgery on sagging breasts.

No 3 is less severe case of sagging breast with less volume as well. Breast augmentation would be good enough in such case and the incision spot does not matter.

No 2 is a severe case of sagging breast with the structure being lost. Breast correction such as lifting is necessary and the best incision spot would be the areola.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Above is the illustration of the constricted and tuberous breast. Inframammary fold incision is recommended for such cases.

The reason is as the following.
The ligament and other parts of the body that form such shape of the breasts are very tight. The implant put into the body cannot extend the skin surrounding it. Therefore, one must break through all the tissue that is tightly formed on the bottom side of the breast. If this is not released properly enough, the implant cannot be put in properly and the breast would not look good also.

Such process would require inframammary fold incision.
The patients could make decision on the incision spot according to the psychological pressure or according to the preference. However, the more importation considering point should be how the breast looks.

When deciding on the incision spot, one should consider,
- Is the inframammary fold easily visible? (can the scar also be hidden or covered?)
- How extendable is the breast skin? ( the more it extends, less the scar)
It would be good to remember the two statements above (although those aren’t the only decision makers)

Thank you for reading.
Happy New Year.

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