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About breast reduction

Today, I would like to share about breast reduction and things to consider.

1. What problems lead you to take the breast reduction surgery?

For most patients, the breast reduction is needed for cosmetic reasons and also for functional reasons that help with the daily problems.
Most young women want breast reduction for cosmetic reasons, because they do not want to be criticized for the breasts that they have.

For older women, they feel pain on the neck, back and other parts of the body. They feel like they are carrying something really heavy.
Breast augmentation and breast reductions belong to two separate categories.
Breast augmentation is 100% cosmetic surgery. Breast reduction involves daily problems that the patients have.

There are more older women than younger ones for breast reduction. As you get older, fat tends to build up in the body. After pregnancy and breast feeding, the skin tend to sag therefore if you have large breasts, you might want to get rid of the heavy fat completely.

There are two sides to breast reduction. One side is about young women wanting it for cosmetic reasons, and the other is older women wanting it for functional reasons. Also, the older women do not like the “weight” of the large breasts due to the inconvenience that they face daily therefore wanting the breasts to become smaller.

2. Past illness and heredity

Breast reduction is no small surgery. It is not big one also, but all the doctors conducting this surgery would say that it is somewhat big one. Why is that so?
There are much bleeding involved and there are much damage to the skin tissue. It is very difficult to design and it also results in large wounds. If you have problem with blood coagulation then you cannot get the breast reduction done. If you have high pressure, diabetes, or any past illness that do not help out in healing the wounds, then you should avoid this surgery. You need to take care of all these illness before you plan for the surgery.

There are some who think that the large breasts are hereditary.
You do not need to worry about this. The size of the breasts no only depends of heredity. There are also factors involved.

The nutrition during the maturity stage, hormone level, body weight, fat percentage, etc are all important in deciding on the size of the breasts.

3. When is the good time for breast reduction?

There are three important times on when you can get the breast reduction. First is during adolescence when the breasts start to become big. If you have too large sized breasts, with much body weight and stiff body, you would not feel comfortable around your friends.

If this becomes really bad, you might want to avoid people around you. In such time you might want to have the breast reduction. But for most patients, then wait until they are 16~18 years old when the maturing gets completed.

Second is during pregnancy. As you go through pregnancy, giving birth, and breast feeding, the breasts go through many changes. The breasts get bigger when you are pregnant. They get smaller after the breast feeding but the shapes do not go back to the original state. This varies from one person to another, but they are more cases when the breasts get bigger. But there are those whose breasts become smaller if the original breasts were very large. In some cases, the breasts loose elasticity and start to sag.

At this time, most patients talk about getting breast reduction and correction for the sagging breasts. So the surgery plan after pregnancy are mostly about reduction + sagging correction. Most young patients have good skin elasticity but they are very sensitive about the wounds. For such case, you can also consider fat graft.

Third, is related to weight change and fat. As you get older, your body loses muscles but gains more fat and weight. Your breasts also lose its original tissue and gain more fat. The breasts also lose skin elasticity. Therefore, most women have the need for breast reduction during this stage. Weight gain and aging that lead to large sized breasts could become a personal complex on women. The surgery at this stage would require to minimize the fat and reducing the breasts.

Tiredness from the age of the person and size of the breasts build up on the neck and back of older patients. Therefore much fat and skin tissue get reduced for them.

4. Does breast reduction have any influence on breast feeding?

Many might this that breast reduction involves the reduction of skin tissue and breast tissue therefore influencing the breast functionality of breast feeding. But there are reports in US that breast reduction does not have big influence that lead to stooping of breast feeding. But if there is much damage to blood vessels and other circulation function, there might be some negative effects on breast feeding.

5. How about breast cancer?
There are no evidence that breast reduction have any effect on mammogram or ultrasonic tests for breast cancer. You just need to check for breast cancer before the surgery and after the surgery as part of your routine check-up.

This is all to breast reduction. I hope the contents have helped your understanding.
Thank you.

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