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There are many types of breast reduction. Breast augmentation is differentiated by incision spot and the location of the implant, but breast reductions changes the shape of the breasts completely therefore there must be numerous types of the surgery.
I would like to start off by sharing on the simplest method. It is the fat removal surgery(Liposuction).

First, you need to think about if the breast is only composed of fat. There isn’t only fat in the breasts. There is skin tissue that produces the mother’s milk and there is the fat tissue.

If you need fat removal (liposuction), this means that you have much fat on the breasts. If you do not have much fat, there would be no need for fat removal (liposuction) at all.
Let’s say that you have large sized breasts. Do you need fat removal or not? How can we tell this? If you are thin, then you would not have much fat. Let’s say that you are thin but have large breasts. This is a very rare case. Most patients with much fat tend to have large breasts.

If you are young, have much fat and large sized breasts or if you gained weight all of a sudden and your breasts became large, then fat removal (liposuction) would be a good recommendation.

The good reason for removal (liposuction) on young patients is that is that their skin has much elasticity therefore, if the components get reduced the skin reduces as well and become very tight. If there is no skin elasticity, the skin would sag.
As you get older, the skin tissues disappear and the fat gets formed. This naturally would make you good for removal (liposuction). If you are old and have large breasts, there is a high change that you have lost skin elasticity. If we only apply fat removal and nothing else on older patient, then there is a high possibility that your breasts would not look pretty.

So if you are one who completed breast feeding and have sagging breasts, fat removal (liposuction) would not be enough but you would also need to reduce the skin.

We could conduct both at the same time or set-up a different date for the skin reduction.
Whether the fat removal (liposuction) is helpful or not depends on the patient’s age, pregnancy, weight gain, fat ratio, etc. If these are not enough, then we can conduct ultrasonic test. Ultrasonic tests can let us know the amount of fat in the breasts.
This decision method would be as below in the image.

If you want fat graft and have large breasts,

Then, how do we conduct skin reduction?
Skin reduction is similar to designing normal breast reduction. The only difference is that in normal breast reduction, we remove the breast fat and skin tissue together reducing the weight of the breasts. But the fat removal (liposuction) involves removing the fat first then measuring the skin tissue left and deciding what to do.
We call this complex fat removal (liposuction) breast reduction. One of the best options that we have in reducing the large sized breasts is fat graft.
Normal fat removal (liposuction) on young patients (aged in 20~30’s) with much fat or much breast skin tissue can end up with good results.

Older women (in their 40’s) who have less elastic skin must get complex fat removal and breast reduction together.
We need to consider such characteristics of the patients in order to apply different method to most effective breast reduction.

Today, we shared about fat removal and breast reduction.
Thank you for reading.

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