Breast implant placement - Breast augmentation Korea

10:37 PM
breast augmentation

Latest report of the textured implant - breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

9:59 PM
breast augmentation

Breastfeeding after Breast Augmentation Surgery

9:27 PM

Am I too old for Breast Augmentation? - KIES-U Korea

7:00 PM
breast augmentation

Pain after breast augmentation - Breast surgery korea

6:53 PM
nasal septum

Nasal septum cartilage nose job (Rhinoplasty surgery Korea)

6:26 PM
breast augmentation

capsular contracture - no touch technique breast augmentation

1:19 AM
asian eyelid surgery

Asian eyelid Ptosis correction - Korea

1:06 AM
cosmetic surgery Korea

Nasal septum cartilage vs Ear cartilage - Nose job Korea

12:52 AM

BREAST IMPLANT REVISION with Anatomical Shaped Implants - Korea

10:18 PM
Breast implants feel natural touch

Breast augmentation Korea - Breast implants feel natural touch

8:41 PM

Nasal Implants for Rhinoplasty - Nose job Korea

7:06 PM

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