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Breast Augmentation For Older Women [KIES-U Korea]

Q. I am kind of old, but can I get a breast augmentation?

A. Age is not important. The health status is.

This is a commonly asked question.
There are many who are about 50 years or older, and think that they have problems with the breasts. These women think “Am I too old to have a breast augmentation?”

In our country, there are many women who want their breast size to be larger in order to show their body appeal through swimwear. So there are many in 20’s ~ 30’s who are relatively interested in the breast correction.

But in the western countries, where there is more number of those having breast augmentation, the main patients are those aged 35 ~ 50 years old.

Most of them want the breasts to look prettier after pregnancy or diets. Also, there are some who think of the breast augmentation as antiaging surgery.

There are very few of those in our country who think that the breast augmentation is an antiaging one. The most important objective of the breast augmentation is that the implant goes into the breast in order to improve the shape of the breasts to make them more elastic and look younger.

It is not only to make the breasts look larger.

The oldest patient that I had was 65 years old.
She needed a revision surgery because the saline bag implant that she had from her previous surgery needed replacement.

She asked me whether it was better to remove the implant or replace it. My answer to her was that the old implant was fine before, there would not be much problem replacing the old ones.

So this patient replaced the old ones with the cohesive gel implants with the concern of the breasts collapsing without the implants.

Is age important? If a patient who is older than 65 years old wants breast augmentation, we must first check if she has any problems with her body.
She might have diabetes, heart problems, cancer, lung disease, etc. In such case, it would be difficult to have the breast augmentation

But, if the woman does not have any illness and wants the breast correction, she will not be able to give it up.

Health status is more important than age

If a woman in her 30’s has a severe illness, then I would recommend her to rethink about the breast augmentation. If she is in her 60’s but is healthy, then I would recommend the breast augmentation.

Most of the aged patients who come to our clinic have problems with the previous surgery (most come due to the implant rupture).

If there are not problems with the tests prior to the correction and the general anesthesia, then we go ahead with the replacement surgery. Also, the result of this is similarly good to that of those patients who are younger.

Is there any pain or inconvenience for the aged patients?

No, in fact, they recover with better conditions.

The younger you are, the tighter the skin and the tissue are therefore the implant is compressed and there is much friction. However, those who are older have loose skin and tissue.

KIES-U Korea Real-Time Operation Monitoring system

So, there is not compression on the implant.
The patients recover comfortably.

There are many aged patients who do revision surgeries, and there are many who have the first surgeries as well. Also most of the surgeries are inferior breast crease.

Thank you for reading this post.

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