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Breast Surgery – To know list 5. Breast implants touch

Tactile sensation of the breast after the breast augmentation surgery is a natural problem associated with the surgery itself.

Whether the breast feels real or not when you touch it, is a big decision making factor for the breast surgery.

A to Z of have a good tactile sensation of the breast

There are few requirements for the good tactile sensation

First, there must not be any contracture
Second, there must be a balance between implant and the tissue
Third, the pocket size and the implant size need to match

The product or the product line of the manufacturer is not important for this matter.

Below are the detailed descriptions.

First, if there is a contracture, then the epithelium surrounding the implant contracts meaning you will not have a good tactile sensation.
Therefore, it is important that the contracture does not happen after breast augmentation.

There are some patients who ask if there is an breast implant that does not form the epithelium.
All the breast implants that are in the current market are composed of silicone with cohesive gel or saline water bag therefore, one cannot avoid the epithelium.
if you are a person with a normal immune system, then there must be epithelium. An epithelium is a barrier that blocks substances getting into the body, so this is not all that bad.

There is an implant with polyurethane that does not cause epithelium but this is not imported into Korea.
An implant with polyurethane may avoid contracture, but there are possibilities leading to other problems.

It is important to try to avoid contracture with the cohesive gel implant. This is the most important part of the procedure.

Second, when the implant goes in, the skin surrounding the implant must stretch out. The surrounding area of the original breast needs to stretch out as much as the surrounding area of the implant, but this takes some time.

Let’s say that you bought a tight leather jacket in a shopping mall.

When you wear it at first, your movement might seem unnatural.

But, as time flies, the leather jacket will stretch out. If you were to wear this jacket every day for one year, then the jacket will wear out.

The breast with an implant goes through these stages as well.

When you touch your breasts for the first time after the surgery, you might feel that you are touching the tight leather jacket.
Most people show sign of improvement on both look and touch after about 2 months when the skin stretches.
As time flies to 6th and 12 month, it will feel more soft and natural.

So if you are person who wants this good tactile sensation quickly, then it is important that you select an implant that is not too big.

But, most of the patients have big expectation for the breast surgery and want maximum sized implant, rather than a small sized ones.

Third, a good feeling of touch would be the feel that you had from touching the original breasts.
If the pocket is desquamated a lot, then the implant would be put into a very small sized area and would not be able to move around.
If you touch the breast with such sized pocket for the implant, this will not feel natural.

But if the pocket is too large then the implant would move around too much.
If you touch such breast, then you will know that there is an implant inside and this would not feel natural either.

No contracture,
Not using too big implant,
Appropriate desquamating of the pocket.

These three factors are important for a good tactile sensation, and what company implant you use is the least important one.

Some say that 410 water drop implant from Allergan is the most solid one  but if the 3 factors above are satisfied, then you would have a good tactile sensation.

In opposite, round type implant is thought to be soft but if the 3 factors above are not satisfied, then the breast with the implant would not feel natural.

Thank you for reading the post.

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