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Breast augmentation revision surgery Korea

'Anatomical type breast revision surgery' means that you will have a revision surgery with a anatomical type implant.
Today’s topic is the breast re-surgery with an anatomical type implant.

There are no revision surgeries that require an anatomical type implants

If you decide to have a breast revision surgery, then you would need to think about what type of implant to use.

There is no one absolute correct answer for this. One must choose from the various types such as anatomical type, round smooth, round textured, cohesive gel, etc by considering what is best for the patient and her body.

Below are the conditions that you need to use the anatomical type implants.

- Sagging breast, or breast that is located low on the chest

- Very narrow space between nipple and lower breast line

- Tight skin + not fully developed breast

- Asymmetric breast

- With abnormal chest shape

- If you want breast with perfect proportion

The list would apply also for the breast revision surgeries.

When do you need to use anatomical type in breast revision surgery?

If the patient does not like the breasts after the first surgery, and the result is one of the above, then the patient would need to have the breast augmentation revision-surgery with the anatomical type.

- If there is large round type implants in the sagging or lowly positioned breasts, then the breasts would look stretched downwards. In this case, one would need to use the anatomical type in order to fill the space on the upper part of the breasts.

- If there is large round type implants in tight textured breasts, then the breasts would look like up-side-down rice bowl. This would look unnatural causing revision-surgery with the anatomical type implants.

- If you already had mismatched breasts but if this got worse after the breast correction, then you would need to use the anatomical type implants. There are many types and profiles of anatomical type implants therefore it would be easier for you to choose the one that you want.

There are times when the saline type gets damaged and one need to change the implant to the cohesive gel type. In doing so, there is no requirement that this be done with the anatomical type. It does not matter if the implant is a round type or an anatomical type, the important thing is that the pocket and the implant match perfectly in the breast revision-surgery.

If there is stiff contracture and the breasts are contracted, it might be worse off if you use the anatomical type. In such situation, it might be better off if one uses round type implants instead. If there is a bad contracture then it is recommended that the patient takes couple of months off and then do the re-surgery. This breast revision-surgery can be done with the anatomical type.

breast revision surgery with anatomical implant

At times, there might be some problems caused after the 1st correction that require the second surgery. The problems can be such ones as contracture, different positioning of the implants, etc.

If there is a problem with the anatomical type, then this means that the pocket and the implant did not match properly.

Then, one must remove the old implant and replace it with the new anatomical type and also re-make the pocket.

If the old pocket was too large compared to the implant, then one should throw it away and make a new pocket. If the pocket was too small then one can make it larger.

Surgeon’s experience

A surgeon’s experience is very important in the breast revision surgeries with the anatomical type implants. It is very difficult to work with the anatomical type implants and if the pocket is already larger than the size required, it is difficult to match the implant with the pocket.

A surgeon with a lot of experience with the anatomical type can make the pocket size that matches properly. If the pocket size does not match, then there is a higher possibility that the implant would change positions / locations more easily than the round type.

Breast revision surgery

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