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How the shape of the implant and different methods change the shape of the breasts 

An interesting report on how the breasts change according to the shape of the implants has been introduced based on various experiments conducted on 17 corpses. It was written by Dr. Antonio Jorge Forte of Yale University and Dr. Alonso of Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Plastic and reconstructive surgery, Apr, 2015. vol.135-4)

21.8% of re-correction of the breast surgery in US was done to change the size of the implants, and 8.2% was to reposition the implants.

Getting the right position to make the breasts look better is an important factor when knowing if the surgery is successful or not, however, it is not always easy to find the appropriate position for the implants.

The research team experimented on how the nipple position changes when using the tear drop implant or round type implant. One of the difficult things about such experiments is that we cannot apply various implants on the same person. It is difficult to state that tear drop implant produces one result and the round type produces the other result unless the tested bodies are of same condition.

So, it is meaningless if different implants were used on different persons with different conditions.

Therefore, using corpse to test various types of the implants makes this experiment an important one.

We call the state where the nipple sticks up front as “projection”.

Projection becomes bigger when using the tear drop implant compared to when using the round type. The nipple sticks out forward and this degree of nipple sticking out is directly associated with the cup size.

The experiment shows that 100cc leads to a projection of 0.6~0.8cm.
Implant on sub-glandular leads more projection than sub-pectoral.
Also, the distance between the lower wrinkle lines becomes wider when using the tear drop type implants. This means that the sagging breasts become higher after the surgery.

As the volume of the implant increases by 100cc, the diameter of the areola increases by 6%.

So what influences the projection of the nipples after the breast augmentation? The  research shows that the type of the implant, whether it is the tear drop type of the round type, does not matter, but the volume (cc) of the implant influences the projection. So it is common to see a patient with not too severe case of sagging breasts corrected due to the breast augmentation.

However, there is a limitation to this research.

The corpses used were 8 to 12 hours after death, so the body might have been little stiff and also the results were based on the findings of the short period after the surgery.

1. Sub-glandular implant leads to more projection of the nipples and higher positioning of the areola. (When compared to sub-pectoral and when using the round type implant)
2. Larger implant leads to more projection.

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