Removing accessory breasts (polymastia removal)

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Today we will talk about accessory breasts.

What is accessory breasts(polymastia)?

This is a term related to multiple breast syndrome, or additional breast tissue. The additional breast tissue is found elsewhere than the breast. When the mammals are born, mammary gland tissue is formed but this does not go away and the tissue stays due to some problem.

This can be found anywhere from the armpit down to the groin.

There are some cases where this multiple breast syndrome also has nipple and areola as well. There are cases that do not have the two.

If you have multiple breast near the armpit, you might feel pain during the pregnancy and also might have secretion coming out from it.

Revealing of the accessory breast

This is very common with the American Indians. This is also passed down from one generation to another within the same family line.
This is less common on the women. This can be found in 1~3% of men and 0.4~0.6% of women.
The ectopic breast tissue can be found anywhere in the body, but 20% of the accessory breast can be found on the armpit.


Symptoms of accessory breast

This can be seen during puberty, and a lot of fat and tissue are centered around the mid part of the body. Some patients come to the hospital or clinic because they do not like how it looks.

This might hurt a lot as well in the beginning stages.
It reacts according to the hormone level, therefore the pain and the side effects are greater during pregnancy, breast feeding period, etc.

Another fact that is important to know is that all things that happen on the breast can happen to the accessory breast as well. Breast cancer, and fibroadenoma can be found in the accessory breast as well, but the recurrence rate is low
If you are concerned about a tumor, then it is recommended that you get a check up on it.


There are many who are not aware of this accessory breast. Also it is difficult to get diagnosis on it. It cannot be seen easily from the outside unless there is a nipple or areola. But, if not, we cannot virtually make out if it is accessory breast or not.
It becomes bigger or smaller during period, and also cause discomfort, pain, secretion, restriction on the arm movement during pregnancy.
If you want to know if you have the accessory breast or not then you need to take X-ray, biopsy, etc.

We also do ultra sound. The accessory breast tissue look similar to those on the actual breast as well.
Some do the MRI as well but some do not if the accessory breast is too big or look too bad.


The best treatment is to surgically remove it. You can also apply liposuction to remove it.

Today’s post was on the accessory breast. I hope the details have helped you understand it.
Thank you for reading.

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