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Uneven breasts; how to correct them
There are patients who have a complex with uneven breasts as much as those who do with small or sagging breasts. Today I would like to share about the uneven breasts.

People think of uneven breasts as breasts with different volume size but there is a lot more to this. Let’s look at them one by one.

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1. Uneven thorax
2. Different location or inframammary fold or nipples
3. Different degree of sagging
4. Different original shapes of two breasts
5. Uneven breasts caused by breast cancer surgery or other treatments
6. Uneven breasts caused by breast augmentation, contraction, correction

There are the main factors of uneven breasts

1. If you have two sides uneven thorax then you have uneven breasts by default. This is because left and right sides of your body are uneven naturally.
You need to understand this properly. All human being and all living things do not have perfectly even two sides of the body. Only the mannequins and dolls have perfect even two sides of the body. Your face, hands, and legs are all uneven.

As you can see in the image above, the left and right lungs look differently. The heart is not in the middle but is little closed to the left. The main artery and the main vein are also positioned towards one side.
This is why the ribs that protect the inner parts of the body look differently as well. The left ribs that protect the heart usually stick outwards more that the right ones.
This is why about 90% of the people think that their left chest sticks out more than the right. But there is not that much difference to say that both sides are uneven. However, we tend to use different size implants in order to make the two volumes the same.

From my experience in consulting with the patients, about half of them know that they have uneven breasts and the other half does not.

2. There are very rare amount of people who have the two inframammary folds lined up in a straight line. This means that one inframammary fold tends to be positioned higher than the other. Therefore, the nipples are located at different level of position as well.

From my experience,  the distance between the nipple and the inframammary fold is about 1 cm or less. We can say that this much distance is within the error range therefore, we do not need to focus on the cosmetic beauty regarding it. But if the distance is greater, then you might have to consider getting a correction done.
You can consider areola movement and implant surgery simultaneously. We can correct the location of both areola and nipples and make the inframammary folds line up straight as well.
3. It is common to see different degree of sagging as well. One breast may sag when you are going through puberty, but this usually happens after breast feeding as mothers cannot balance out the breast feeding evenly on both sides.
It is natural for the bigger breast to sag more after giving birth. The loss of volume is noticeable as well. Using implants on both the breasts cannot solve this problem. The sagging needs to be corrected so they are even therefore we need to conduct breast augmentation on the more sagging breast simultaneously with correction.
Many think that breast augmentation just involves putting in of the implant. But they do not know how the sagging breasts are corrected. We can design the correction in a shape of concentric circle and move the location of the areola and the nipple. We can gather or pull up the derma from the bottom part of the breast to correct the sagging. There are many techniques as such.
We can also apply different level of lifting to make the breasts even. At times only one implant is used for a particular side and we conduct correction on the other.

4. Two sides with different shapes mean that one side is conical and the other is sagging. Or one side might have the areola and the nipple located away to the left of right side of your breast, and the other in the middle of the other breast. This happens because you are born with uneven thorax.

We can move the location of areola and the nipple more towards the middle of the breast or we can make the implant pocket size different on each breast or even use different types of implants. We can apply dual plane on one side and under/above pectoralis muscle method on the other.

Reference from an essay in Brazilian Plastic Surgery Journal

5. We must consider many methods for uncorrected breast after breast cancer surgery or one that needs correction for unevenness. We can change the skin flap, or can use implant by estimating how much fat can be regenerated. We could also add fat transplant.

Reference from an essay in Brazilian Plastic Surgery Journal
6. There are times when you get uneven breast because of some cosmetic surgery or your uneven breast may look worse after the surgery. You need to compare your breasts before and after the surgery properly so that you can know the cause of the unevenness and find exactly what needs to be done to correct this.

You might need to have different planes on each sides for the implants. You have might to consider relocating the position of the areola and the nipple. You could consider fat transplant or you might even have to replace the old implants. You need to think about all these addtional alternatives.

Lastly, uneven breasts is a problem that most women have therefore you should not think that only you have this particular problem. Every person has uneven two sides of the body. You breasts are to look good with cosmetic surgery and not to look even on both sides.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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