Do I have sagging breasts or normal breasts?

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The least pretty looking breast is the sagging breast.
One of the scariest concern that the women around the world have is having sagging breasts and their body turning “old”.

Men then to lose interest on those women with loss in breast volume. A lot of women after pregnancy come and ask about what to do with their breasts.
Your breasts sag more and more as your get older, give more births, and as you gain and lose weight.

Your sagging breasts have a critical point.
There is a standard such as
 - The breast is sagging but it still has certain formability
 - The breast is now completely sagging

There is a cooper’s ligament in your breast. It is a diaphragm formed from a fascia that makes many different rooms and maintains the shape. When this cooper’s ligament loses elasticity, the breast itself loses the strength to hold the cell tissue therefore, the breast starts to sag.

If the skin itself loses elasticity simultaneously, then you would have old looking breasts. There can be wrinkles on the nipple and the part surrounding it.
It is difficult to know where the border line is because each patient has different locations of the original breast and combination of nipple and areola.
However, in average, the critical stage is examined through following standards.

- When white skin under the lower part of the areola cannot be seen
- When the composite body of the areola and the nipple is lower than the inframammary fold.

When this happens, we know that there is a problem, and so recommend the patient to get the Mastopexy, a breast lifting technique.

If you can see the white skin below the lower part of the areola, and if the nipple and the areola complex is above the inframammary fold, then you would not need the Mastopexy but can get the dual plane implant surgery.

But there are some uncertainties.
One might think that the current stage is past the critical point or not.
The breast might be sagging but not completely.
One might not be able to decide between the dual plane implant surgery and Mastopexy.
In such case, we can conduct the implant surgery while changing the location of the areola.

In such case, the breast is not pushed upwards but on the areola is relocated to upper area. The name of this procedure would be areola relocating + breast augmentation.

Today, I posted on the conditions of sagging breasts. In reality, there are various cases of sagging breasts, and the patients feel differently about the sagging breasts. There are many ways to improve on what the patient feels and there are also some concerns with the costs therefore it is important that you visit a hospital to get proper knowledge.
This is all for today, thanks for reading. Have a good day.

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