Structural nose surgery Korea - Dermal fat graft rhinoplasty

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Dermal fat graft rhinoplasty – Structural nose surgery

Today, I would like to look into the most important part of structural nose surgery, dermal fat graft.

First rule of structural nose surgery is to minimize any physiological damage on the original tissue.

Second is to use as much human tissue as possible.

It is common to manipulate the cartilage and transplant it for the nose tip, and the cartilage is applicable for the nose pillar but using the dermal makes the whole process easier.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U plastic surgery

The first part of the dermal fat graft is to find a spot to collect the dermal fat. At times the fat behind the ear is use. if the side of the nose need to be reduced then, this fat is used also.

If we collect the dermal fat from the buttocks, then the scar can be hidden, and much fat can be gained therefore this is widely applicable.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U plastic surgery

The incision and the desquamation for the nose surgery are the same as any other usual plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U plastic surgery

At times, this dermal fat is used for better effect on paranasal augmentation or nasolabial fold. Using one’s own fat instead of implant is better in terms of safety and minimizing side effects therefore this is widely used.

Rhinoplasty Korea KIES-U plastic surgery

In comparison with implant, dermal fat needs to be collected from one’s own body and therefore the disadvantages are that it takes more time and the tissue might disassemble or be absorbed.

If the implant is used, complications such as unnatural look, calcification, infection-inflammation can be avoided. Another advantage is that implant is applicable for damaged or bent nose therefore there is cosmetic and regenerating effect as well.

Today, I posted on the dermal fat transplant with various images. Thank you for reading.
Have a great day.

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