Rhinoplasty Korea - Blunt nose tip correction

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Structural nose surgery - Blunt nose tip correction

I would like to carry on sharing more details on the structural nose surgery. Today’s content is on Blunt nose tip correction, an area that many are much interested in.

Korea rhinoplasty
Blunt nose tip - Rhinoplasty Korea

Blunt nose tip correction is done to make the disoriented nose tip sharpened and to close the distance between the two nose wings so that the nose does not look too wide. It is to make the nose more cosmetically better looking.

Many Blunt nose tip conditions lead to different methods, but one of the most representative one is to close the distance and make the wing cartilage volume smaller.

Nose tip correction
Blunt nose tip correction

Manipulating the cartilage is not fully effective for those Asians with blunt nose tip correction, so there is another method of making the nose higher.
Finally, there is a method of closing out the distance between the left and right nose wings.

Blunt nose tip correction - nose surgery Korea

Westerners have blunt nose tip usually with thick cartilage and are wide apart and very tall. Their noses can be fixed with shortening the cartilage and tying it up to get sharpening effect.
However, it is the opposite with Easterners. The cartilage is very thin and the derma thick. The nose is low also.
This is why we need to manipulate the cartilage and also make the nose taller or higher in order to get positive effect.

In order to make the nose higher, one needs to use the septum cartilage to make the pillar. Another good method would be to use the derma that was removed to reduce the nose wing width, and place the derma on the tip of the nose to make the nose higher.

Let’s say that there is a person who weighs about 60kg and is about 150cm tall.  If the person with same weight of 60kg is 170cm tall, then although the two weigh the same, the taller person would look much thinner. We try to make the blunt nose taller in same aspect.

Today we looked at the blunt nose tip correction in structural nose surgery.
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