Difference between a man’s nose surgery and a woman’s

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Many male patients come and ask me this question and I, too, ask this questions to myself often as well.
What is the difference between a man nose surgery and a woman nose surgery, and also what is the technical difference?

The biggest difference is that the female patients usually want barbie nose line, i.e. a nose with curved line but the male patients do not like this but want straight, tall nose.
Another difference, which is even more important, is that all women, no matter how their original noses are, all want something clear and common, but the men do not. There is no one simple answer to how a man’s nose should look like. Its all a case by case situation. Individuality is more important for men.

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But there is one commonality here. The nasion should not be low and should extend from the forehead and downwards. This is why many men use implant or filler to make the nasion taller.

Let’s look at Tom Cruise’s nose for an example. It looks like Greek sculpture. “Sculpture” means that the nose from the eyes, nasion, and the nose tip is in a straight line and all are naturally connected.

If a Korean man wants such as nose, an implant or other tissue must be used to make the nasion taller.

But, Brad Pitt’s nose do not look like a sculpture. The nose tip is spread out as well. The nose itself is not narrow but wide. The nose whole is wide as well.

This is not a “pretty looking” image. But Brad Pitt is a very popular person. He is sexy and attractive. Very popular in US as well.

Sometimes when I look at Brad Pitt, I feel that he does not need a taller nose, but need his nose to be made narrow.

I feel that Leonardo DiCaprio’s nose is an ideal nose. It is better looking than any woman’s nose. If there is a patient who wants such a nose, then narrowing of the nose might be necessary.

In summary, a man’s nose surgery should include making the line connecting the nose root and the forehead taller. But slimming the nose is not necessary. There are at times when just inputting the implant is enough for man’s nose surgery. piggy nose correction, alar reduction are not necessary. A good choice must be made.
There are many men who want to correct a short nose. Many are satisfied with their looks after the short nose correction.

Short nose (if the angle on the nasion-forehead is big, then it does not look manly)
If the hump nose is severe, then this has negative face image.

But there are many who feel that they need to correct hump nose. A severe case of 매hump nose may look woman-like…
This is why a man’s nose surgery is not as simple as it looks. There are technical difficulties also, but one needs to consider the overall face shape and image of the male patient and then decide on the surgery plan.

Today, we looked at the difference between a man’s nose surgery and a woman’s nose surgery.
Thank you for reading. Have a good evening.

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