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when can i wear a wire bra after breast augmentation

When can I wear a bra after the breast surgery? This is another common question. (There are many types of bra and there are different time to as when you can start wearing different types)

I usually say this.
Just use the breast patch and wear shirts.
If you really want to wear a bra, wear a no wire bra, sports bra, or soft wire bra.

Patients have a strong belief that they must wear a bra.
This is something awkward, why do women think that they must wear a bra?

Is it unhygienic if you not wear a bra? Is it not good for your health?

Many think that the bra helps maintain the shape of the breast.
Then, this might seem like the patients want to use correction bra in order to maintain the shape, but this actually is not a correction bra.

One TV show announced that bra hurts the blood circulation and so this might lead to breast cancer and also damage the shape of the breasts.

The side effects that this TV show announced have not been proven. Wearing bra does not lead to breast cancer.

The TV show also let us know that wearing a bra is meaningful but nothing more.
There are no evidences that show bra has bad influence or good influence on the body.

If you compare this to food, it is not something like rice or salt, but something such as coffee, ice cream or biscuits. You can choose the type of bra according to your taste or preference.

If we dig more about this issue, we might have to talk about the origin of clothing, so I will stop here.
However, I need to provide answers on when you can wear the bra after the breast surgery, and what is good or bad for the patients.

If you are a patient with armpit incision, the implant may rise up (this is different from capsular contracture). Normal recovery may lead to this effect. If you want to avoid such a problem, you must not wear under wire bra for at least 6 months.

You must not use metallic under-band type that might pressurize the implant and the pocket the implant is in.

If you want to avoid the implant rising up after the armpit incision surgery, you must wear a lose fit, less pressure causing bra.

If you had subfascia plane surgery, then you need to protect the skin on the subfascia. Therefore, you cannot wear under wire bra for at least 6 months. There is a very low possibility that the implant would move to another position.

If you know few things then you would not have any problem in choosing and wearing the bra after the breast surgery.

First, the underwear must not have any pressure on the implant and the pocket.
Second, the underwear must not have any pressure that may change the shape of the breast.
Third, you may use the correction bra at the recommendation of the doctor if you had problem with the shape prior to the surgery.

If you have further question, please leave your feedback.

Have a great day.

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