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Q. Is it better to use the round type or the tear drop type implant?

This is not a simple question to answer.
First, one must know the difference between the round type and the tear drop type.
Another important thing to know is the status of your breasts. One must know the status of the breasts/chest to decide on the type of the implant, therefore round type might be good for a particular patient and the tear drop type might be good for the other.

Round type implant has substance that is not tight, meaning it has less cohesiveness. So the round type changes share according to the environment it is in.

Tear drop type breast implants has substance that is tight therefore strong cohesiveness. So the tear drop type implant does not lose shape according to the environment that it is in.

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So the round type implant does not remain round when inside the body but much of the weight of the shape is focused downwards (low stability of the shape).
However, the tear drop type maintains its shape when it is put inside the body (high stability of the shape).

But this characteristic changes according to the different manufacturers. Some manufacturers have round type implant that is tight and tear drop type that is not.

The secureness of the implant itself is important, but the skin elasticity of the patient is important as well.

- If the patient is young and has not been pregnant before, with small breasts, then the skin (that surrounds the implant) is tight and elastic.
In such case, whatever implant used, the implant would not lose its shape. If the round type is used, then the implant would look round, and if the tear drop type is used, then it would look like a tear drop. In this case, the breast would look natural with the tear drop type.

- If the patient is young and has enough volume in breasts, then the skin would not be too tight. In such case, it would look more natural if the tear drop type is used.
- If you are old, have been pregnant, and have large breasts, the skin would be lose and less elastic.
In such case, the secureness of the implant would be important. If the less secure implant (i.e. round type) is used, the breast would not look round but sagged. The upper part of the breast would look empty and the cleavage would be positioned lower. So, one must use more secure implant.

- If the patient is young with tight skin but the distance between the nipples are wide, the upper breast volume might be less. In such case, it is more appropriate to use the round type.
- If the distance between the nipples is short or narrow, then it is better to use the implant that focuses on the bottom part of the breasts. Tear drop type would be more appropriate in such case.
- If you need a breast augmentation re-surgery and would like to use a smaller implant than the previous one, it is better to use the round type. If the pocket is big then the tear drop type implant can get in easily.
- If you have dissected your breasts because of breast cancer or any other reason, and need to reconstruct your breasts, you would need to continuously press on the skin that surrounds the implant. In this case, the round type would be more appropriate.

So the type of the implant that you need to use differs case by case, and is not a simple question to answer. First, you need to know your body and the shape of the breast then know the differences of the various types of implants, and finally, know the differences of each brands.

Today, we looked at how to choose between the round type and tear drop type implants.

Thank you for reading.
Have a great day.

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