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Areola reduction surgery

Let’s talk about the areola reduction today.

The diameter of the areola in an average woman should be about 4.7cm.
Also, we would consider the shape of the breasts along with the proportion in the upper body to decide on the size of the areola.

If the areola is larger than 4.7cm then one must seriously consider getting the areola reduction surgery. However, there is no right answer on how much you need to reduce. One must consider various aspects in order to decide on this.

We remove appropriate amount of tissue from around the areola and permanently stitch up so that there is no possibility of recurrence.
Also, we use the dissolving threads to pull, using the 'purse string suture' method to finish off the procedure.

Areola reduction is for permanent effect. The scar is limited on the boundary of the areola. Local anesthesia is used. The recovery period is very short as well.

The exterior skin tissue is tightly pulled making the nipples stick outwards a little more.
There are some patients with areola sticking out as well. These patients have large breasts with nipples that stick out too much. These patients may require breast reduction as well along with the areola reduction.

There are some with areola that are not shaped rounded. This may be oval shaped. We can make the shape round also.

Some might have the areola color different from others, and also might have small bumps on the areola. We can use the medical tattoo to change the color and apply incision for the small bumps.

I hope this post has helped you.
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