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Implants for breast augmenation [Cohesive gel breast augmentation] 

Today I would like to write up details about frequently asked questions on cohesive gel breast augmentation. First, let’s discuss about the cohesive gel implant.

1. Can I use cohesive gel for my Breast augmentation surgery? 

Currently, anyone can use the cohesive gel. Saline bag type is used when inputted through the belly button or in some special cases.

Actually, cohesive gel is a product name. It has been developed long time ago. It refers to sticky silicon type implants.

Many companies are making silicone implants that remember or memorize the shape. Mentor and McGhan in US call these implants Memory gel or Cohesive silicone gel bag. Since then, many companies in Europe and South America have made such silicone gel implants that remember and maintain the shape.

Cohesive gel implant have become famous because it is made of silicone substance that is sticky therefore does not leak out if the exterior of the implant is damaged.

The cohesive gel implant was certified in 2007 by Korea’s MFDS and has been used ever since. However, it was used 10 years prior to Korea’s certification in Europe and South America.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

2) I have heard that capsular contracture is not caused and one does not need any massage if she uses textured implants. Is this true? 

Mentor and McGhan (currently known as Allergan), both have textured and smooth type implants.

It is known that if the textured implant is put in above the pectoralis major muscle, there is a less possibility of causing capsular contracture when compared to the smooth type.
The incidence rate of capsular contracture when put below the pectoralis major muscle is similar for both textured and smooth type however, this rate is lower than that of above the pectoralis major muscle.

Surface of the textured implant seen through the electron microscope. 

 However if the textured type is put above the pectoralis major muscle in a person with small breast or thin skin, one can feel the implant from the outside. So if a patient has small breasts, it is recommended that the implants, whether smooth or textured, be put in under the pectoralis major muscle.

Strong massaging on the textured implant can lead to soft tissue damage, therefore, this is not recommended. Dr. Findley, a well-known breast augmentation specialist in US, stated that Biocell texture that has rough texture when applied frictional force can lead to the formation of the seroma.

Mentor calls its textured implant, Siltex and Allergan calls its product Biocell
3) Is Mentor the better when compared to Allergan (Natrelle)? 

It is difficult to say which is better. Whatever seems familiar with the surgeon’s hands might be the better one to use.

Products from Mentor are produced and sold in sizes of 225cc, 250cc, 275cc, 300cc, categorized by 25cc.

Allergan makes its midrange profile in sizes of 222cc, 253cc, 272cc, 290cc, 322cc, categorized by 20cc.

All are good products but there aren’t enough evidence that prove the products in Brazil, Germany, France are better that US products that are used in Korea.

There are various types of cohesive gel, ie. Sticky silicone gel products, in neighboring countries of Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other 7~ countries, however it is sad to know that there are very limited number of products in Korea.

Mentor 275cc round smooth moderate profile put in from the armpit

Today we looked at what a cohesive gel implant is.

Thank you.

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