Upper pole fullness after Breast augmentation

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Why is the upper pole fullness caused?
Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

What is an upper pole fullness?

The breast looks good when there is a straight line that links the upper part of the breast from the collarbone to the nipple, and round line that covers from the nipple to the bottom of the breast.

But if there is much filling or volume on the upper part or the breast, we call this upper pole fullness.

How is the upper pole fullness caused?

1) It is caused when there is a mismatch of the breast of the implant after the breast augmentation. It happens if the implant is too big.

The chest can only accept an appropriate size but if a very large volume implant is used, the body cannot take it in properly causing upper lift on the breast. The bottom part of the breast is round shaped but if the upper part also becomes round, this is an upper pole fullness.

2) If a patient is in her 20’s and has not given a birth yet, the skin of the breast is very tight and elastic. If a round shape implant is put into the breast, the skin does not extend but pulls more tightly causing upper fullness.

3) If the doctor did not desquamate properly after the augmentation – especially when putting in the implant from the armpit – the implant moves to the upper part of the breast causing the upper fullness. The upper fullness does not get better even with time in such case.

4) There is some level of swelling after the breast augmentation therefore, there is also some level of upper fullness. However the upper pole fullness caused due to swelling gets better after a few weeks.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

5) At times, you can have upper fullness in a few months or years even after the swelling has disappeared from the surgery. This happens although the surgeon did proper procedures.

This is caused due to the capsular contracture that pushes the tissue into one side of the breasts. This direction can be anywhere. If the upper part is pushed then the upper pole fullness becomes more severe.

How to avoid the upper pole fullness? 

1) Do not use too large sized implant. When you consult with the doctor, the doctor will take proper measurements of the chest, breast and try to match an appropriate sized implant. Of course, the patient’s opinion will be taken into the consideration but the patient should not require too much. Such greed might lead to upper pole fullness that lasts for a long time.

2) If you want breast augmentation before giving birth, you would have tight and young skin. Water drop type implant would be appropriate. If you choose too bi sized implant, whether it is a water drop type of not, the upper pole fullness might be caused.

3) The surgeon needs to desquamate properly. The surgeon must be more careful when the dissection and the input is done through the armpit as it is less visible on the eyes as well. Therefore, much knowledge and skill is required of the surgeon.

4) The upper fullness caused right after the augmentation disappears after 2 to 3 weeks as the swelling comes off.

5) If you are certain that you have a capsular contracture, and have a severe case of upper pole fullness, then you need to consider reconstruction.

The reconstruction would require epidermis removal or opening.
But it is important to do everything you can in order to avoid the capsular contracture.

Today, I shared on the upper fullness. Thank you for reading.

Have a great day.

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