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Is it OK to get breast augmentation in the summer?

There are many patients who consider the weather for breast augmentation.
There is peak season and off season in breast augmentation also where peak season is the time when everyone wants to get the breast augmentation and the off season is the opposite.

The peak season for breast augmentation is during the school break.
Like the school break, the adults have much time during the New Year’s and Thanksgiving.

Also in December, when most college students have winter break until February. This is a very important peak season.

Now-a-days, there are much difference in peak season and off season, also we have 40 hour week with many replacement holidays therefore the busy seasons are not what they used to be.

Why do you think there are many who want breast augmentation during the cold season?
The schools have longer winter break than summer here in Korea, but there are particular reasons why the patients do not want cosmetic surgeries during the summer.

What are the reasons?
When it is hot, you sweat a lot. The sweating can lead to infection and there are those who think that scars or wounds get worse during the summer. Some think that the cold weather kills bacteria and the wounds can get treated better.

Such perception arises from the thought that wound recovery can be delayed due to infection and inflammation and that this infection and inflammation get worse during the hot weather.

It is very discomforting to have bandage around the body during the summer. It is difficult to have shower as well.
But, what about the wound?

It doesn’t get any worse.
There are hotter countries around the world. Currently it is 32 degree in Seoul and 37 in Tokyo.

Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, Florida, Singapore and all hotter than Korea. You would not be able to breathe properly in Hong Kong during July because of the heat and the humidity. If you do not turn on the air conditioner throughout the day, you will find mold on the walls.

So if the people in these countries get cosmetic surgeries, there should be much news about wounds not healing, and high incidence of infection and inflammation. But, we do not hear such information. There are no recording of doctors in such hot countries that state ‘patient’s condition gets worse due to the heat”.

Actually, healing takes longer during the warmer season than the colder one.
Hot weather increases superficial hematocele in order to release the body heat. Nerves coming out during the hot weather are caused by the enlargement of the nerves under the skin. This would help the blood flow and if there is good blood circulation, the bacteria causing the infection would not be able to penetrate easily.

Bacteria getting into the body are called infection and the immune system fighting this bacteria is called inflammation. Pus is the dead exposal of bacteria from white blood cell and others. Therefore inflammation is something necessary and it is not a bad thing. Infection is a bad thing happening to the body. Active inflammation can kill the infection that penetrated into the body.
The body must not lose heat during the cold weather therefore it decreases the amount of superficial hematocele. Not much blood flows through the skin therefore the skin becomes white. There is not much blood circulation into the wounds as well. This makes the body weaker to infection. The support of immune system is slower meaning not much oxygen and nutrition are provided to the damaged cells.

We use air conditioners when it is hot and use heaters when it is cold, therefore there aren’t much differences in what happens to the wound due to the weather. This is just the principles that I wanted to share.

There are some differences in how experts think and normal people think. But there are no evidences that surgeries in summer are worse or dangerous. Wounds can be healed without much trouble during the warmer days.

The recovery may take longer during the colder days. Sweating is the exposal of liquid in our body. This is not harmful or a bacteria. There is no evidence that sweating causes more inflammation.

Due to the usage of air conditioners and heaters, there are not much differences in the body heat during the different seasons. Therefore, there is no better weather or season for cosmetic surgery. But, if you ask me in which season the wounds get healed quicker, I would say warmer days without any hesitation.
I hope that you don’t get sick from the heat. It might be better to restrict outdoor activities in such hot weather.
Thank you and have a great day.

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