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Does transaxillary incision always hurt? Does inframammary incision not hurt?

Many patients want inframammary fold incision because they want to recover quickly. Some say that they do not feel much pain so they want to avoid transaxillary incision.
We cannot say that this is completely false but as you think about it, it is not correct to say that the approach method, incision, is the only cause of pain in breast augmentation.

The conclusion is that pain is not caused simply by just one factor.

There are many factors combined that lead to pain after the breast augmentation. The incision spot may be the least important factor of pain.
Then what is the most important factor? I have summarized this into a diagram as below. These factors are the ones that lead to pain after the breast augmentation.

Going into the explanation, the pain caused after the breast augmentation takes place when implant with much volume goes into the body and takes up some space. The surrounding skin pressures the implant and the pain receptors feel this pressure. This is the origin of the pain. People have different level of pain receptors in sensitivity, location, density, etc. The most sensitive ones are near the bones. The skin feels much pain as well but anesthesia helps relieve the pain. The pressure goes through epithelium, muscles and to the bone leading to much pain.

This is why there is more pain if the implant is located above the pectoralis muscle and almost no pain if the implant is positioned above the muscle. This is more important than the incision spot.

More pressure leads to bigger impact on the pain receptors, therefore that larger the implant is, there will be more pain. If the skin surrounding the implant put much pressure, there would be more pain as well. The implant puts pressure on the clavicle resulting in pain which means that the size or the tightness of the implant can result as such.

So if you want quick recovery, then it is wiser to use small sized implants rather than thinking about the incision spot.

It is also important that the surgeon carefully operates without causing much tissue damage. If there is much trauma on the bone or if there is much bleeding, the tissue cells will swell up. The pressure from the swelling will stimulate the pain receptors. Therefore it is important that the surgery is complete with least amount of tissue damage and bleeding for quicker recovery.

Finally, that last important factor is the individual differences.
Pain is a subjective matter. The doctor is just another third party in the patient’s perception. The doctor just hears about the pain that the patient is feeling, he/she cannot feel the same pain therefore the doctor’s information on the pain are all abstractive.

Internal medicine and neurology department use pain scale. They want to make the subjective matter measurable.

Personally, I do not think that the level of pain can be differentiated into different level. This is why we say that there is individual difference. Same level of stimulant will be felt differently from one person to another. One person might have more pain receptor in stimulating spot and the other may not have much pain receptor. There is no way that we can know this until we poke someone. In same aspect, we cannot know if someone will suffer from pain unless we conduct the surgery.

Although we do not have the exact measurement, we have much gathered data through experience and come up with a method that could result in least amount of pain. First, you should not be greedy regarding the size of the implant but choose a size that is most appropriate for the body. Those in 20’s or are in stage before pregnancy have very tight skin so these patients must be more careful.  If you have much volume or fat already in the original breasts then having the plane above the pectoralis muscle is recommended. Also the surgeon must concentrate and be careful so that he/she does not damage the tissue cells.

Does axillary incision hurt? Not, always. Then does the inframammary incision not hurt? It does not. The factors shared above are more important when considering pain. There might be little differences but this is a general tendency.

This is all for today. Thank you for reading.

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