Must-haves for success in breast augmentation; Matching implant and breast tissue

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[KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea]
This applies to all foreign substances that are put into the human body, but it is very important to know that the breast implant used in breast augmentation matches well with the body or not.

The success of breast augmentation depends on the implant therefore; the implant must match the body.

The implant makes my body look better and this means that the implant must be fitting for a certain individual. Therefore, stating that the implant matches the body is very important, and we call this implant – tissue structure dynamics.

[KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea]

There are 2 concepts to breast augmentation

Making the breasts larger + Filling up the breast volume appropriately

Breast augmentation requires filling up the volume to make the cup size bigger and this is not everything.

We need to consider the tissue structure and conduct the surgery appropriately. In doing so, we would be able to avoid any complications and maintain the beautiful shape for a long period of time.

We tend to think about many things when we put on our clothes. We choose the clothes that are fitting to our body. But, we also want our body to fit into the clothes that we like. We use correcting inner wear or even lose some weight in order to wear such clothes.

We need to consider the breast tissue structure and conduct the breast augmentation accordingly, but at times, in order to get the result that we want, we force a change in the tissue structure.

If your original breasts have ideal shape but not much volume, there is no reason to put on much stress on the tissue structure. The shapes does not need to change therefore just inserting the implant would be good enough for the volume.

We wouldn’t need to consider many things in such case. This case would be similar for a woman with great body shape wearing a dress, pants or anything.

But this is not the case all the time. There are cases such as asymmetric breasts, contour or bird chest, sagging breasts, etc where you need breast correction to solve the problems.

This would be similar to wearing clothes that have some attractive points that would cover up certain parts of the body.

[KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea]

Let’s say that you have one breast that is sagging a lot and the other is normal. What implant would be good for you?

It is not right to think that an implant that is currently the most widely used would be fitting for you. Breast augmentation is not as simple as you think.

Sagging breasts means that there is no upper filling in the breasts but there is much volume in the bottom part of the breast. If the breast status is the opposite, then you would need to fill up the bottom part.

We would need to apply dual plane for the sagging breast and insert the implant filling the upper volume. The implant must hold up the upper breast shape properly therefore the implant must be a form stable one. You would not need such implant if you already have much upper volume in the original breast. You would need to use an implant that stretches downwards.

The type of the implant, size, and other factors must be considered in order to select an implant that matches your body. Also we would need to know what happens when the implant and the tissue cells come together.

Selecting the size of the implant

Everyone would think cautiously about the size of the implant.
We need to think about this with some common sense.

If you use a very big implant, it would look awkward and it would be recognizable as well.
In opposite, if you use a small one, then there would be no reason for you to get the breast augmentation done.

[KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea]

Most people think that “the more is better”. Those with small original breasts would be more interested in the size. This is like a little chubby person wanting to wear tight clothes.

Although the expected outcome of the surgery is good, we should avoid it if we know that the skin tissue could be damaged or something that cannot be fixed could happen.
Selecting the implant size just through subjective reasoning of the patient and the doctor could lead to a harming situation.

Large implant puts on much pressure on the skin tissue and the bone that the implant is positioned on and this could lead to some unexpected negative results.

- Breast skin layer becomes thin and the breast tissue cells contract
- This results in small volume in few years
- The implant line becomes visible
- Clavicle erodes making the bones sink

If such activity takes place, there is no way we can correct it therefore it is important that we try to avoid such situation from the beginning.

Then what is an appropriate size of the implant that would not damage the tissue cells and end up with the best shape possible.
This is the main focus point.

[KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea]

If your body is big enough, you can use large sized implant.
If your body is small, then you need to use small sized implant.

Everyone can know this.

But, how can we judge if our body is small or big?
There are women who are 170cm tall but have narrow shoulders and thorax.
Such patients cannot use large sized implants.

There are those who are small in height but have wide shoulders and large thorax. Such patients would need to use large sized implants.

The size of the implant would match with the size of the body in such cases.
We do not stick the implant on the outside, but insert it into the body.

Therefore, it is important to know how much the skin surrounding and covering the implant can stretch out.

If you are wearing a dress that does not stretch much then you would need to wear bigger size. But if you wear something that stretches very well then you might be able to wear a smaller sized dress.

If your skin stretches easily then you can use large sized implant. But if your skin is the opposite, then you will not be able to use a large sized implant.

[KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea]

In conclusion, there are two factors that determine the volume of the implant.

- Diameter of the breast
- Expansibility of the breast skin

Height, weight and other physical structure are not important.
Putting in something big to make the breast bigger is not important. The implant needs to fill up the volume properly and improve the look of the breasts. The weakness that you have in your breasts must be corrected and possibilities of any complications must be minimized simultaneously. These are all factors that we need to consider when we say that the implant matches well with the tissue cells. This is the key point.

We will share more on this topic in the future. Thank you for reading.

[KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea]
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