Must haves for success in breast augmentation; Matching implant and tissue structure #3

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Breast augmentation Korea
Today I would like to share 3rd posting on matching implant and tissue structure.

We have shared that in order for the breast augmentation to be successful, the foreign substance (implant) has to match properly with the body, and that size and form stability are important.

Today, I would like to share about the implant filling and the shell type. All are important but there are no accurate information on them.
Silicone implant is consisted of exterior (shell) and the interior (gel).
The shell has filling inside it. If the shell can be composed of max 250cc gel and has such amount, we call this 100% filled. In reality, most products are not 100% filled.

280cc shell is filled about 95% which is 266cc. Such product would have volume of 266cc marked on the package, not 280.

Almost all round type implants are produced such way. Why is that?
As the implant gets filled up to 100%, it becomes more form stable and strong. For stability means that the implant is able to maintain its shape no matter where and how it is positioned. Such problems could follow.

- If the disc shape is maintained when standing, upper block would look worse
- If the disc shape is maintained when lying down, the breast would look unnatural because there is no gravity pulling it down
- The breast would feel hard rather than soft
The manufacturers consider such factors and therefore produce products that are no 100% filled. Less than 100% filling leads to,
- Upper block cannot be found when standing
- Breast lean towards the outside when lying down, looking natural
- Feels soft when you touch the breast

However, such less filled implants have problems. Let’s look at some of them.
If the implant is not completely filled, one part might more gel than the other. There is no balanced distribution. Such could lead to wrinkling of the shell. The wrinkle from outside looks wavy and you can feel it when you touch it. We call this rippling. More accurately, it is called underfill rippling.

If there is much friction on the rippled part due to much movement, there could be some damage to the shell. This leads to high possibility of damage.
If you have ridden bicycle a lot, then you might know this. If you do not fill up the air in the tire and ride the bike, you might experience more flat tires. If you fill up the air, then there is less chance of you getting a flat tire.

The breast skin loses elasticity after giving birth and/or breast feeding. Loss of skin elasticity leads to sagging breasts. If underfilled implant is used on such breast, the breast would look like it had lost more elasticity than before.
Using underfilled implant on the patient with sudden weight loss or skin aging would not be good also.

The advantage and disadvantage of 100% filled implant, i.e. form stable implant is exactly the opposite. Fully filled implant feels hard and not smooth. The gel disperses less when the implant leans onto one side. But the durability is good therefore there is less chance of collapse and although the skin loses elasticity, the implant can maintain the shape of the breast. Such form stable implant is more effective in correcting tuberous breast as well.

If the disc shaped implant is filled as much as possible, and if the round type implant is filled as such, the implant would shape like a ball. This is why the round type implants are not 100% filled.

Most of the implants imported are underfilled ones. Micro textured implant from Sebbin, Motiva, Bellagel are introduced as 100% filled implants but the shells can extend easily therefore they are not form stable implants.

Micro textured implants have smooth exterior skin therefore although there is much filling, the implant is not form stable.

If you want close to complete filling and form stability then the best implant would be anatomical type. When the anatomical implant is filled 100%, it does not become round like a ball. The anatomical shape is maintained looking natural.
This is why 100% filled implants are mostly anatomical implants. Under filled implants are mostly round types.

Then, which implant is good to use? This may be the question that you want answered.

Like the title of the post, I wanted to express that the matching of the implant and the body is important. The answer to the question is that the implant selected must be in consideration with the status of the patient’s breast.

If the breast skin is very tight and you do not want large volume, you can use less form stable implant that avoid upper block. Round type implant would be recommended to you.

But if you have tight skin and want large volume, using the round type implant would lead to upper block. Although the implant is under filled there are much skin tissue covering the implant. Therefore, in such case, anatomical implant would be recommended.
If you have sagging breasts with loss of elasticity, or if you have tuberous breasts, then anatomical implant would be good for you. In rare cases, form stable round type implant would be recommended (this is very rare in Korea).

If you have good shaped original breast with good balance and skin status but want to make the breasts larger, then you can use any type of implants for cosmetic purposes. Smooth, textured, round, micro texture, anatomical, polyurethane, all would lead to satisfying shape of the breast.

Today we shared about how much implant shell is filled with gel. I hoped you understood this core concept in understanding what the implant is.
Thank you and have a great day.

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