Breast reduction Seoul - vertical(lollipop) and L-shaped incision mammoplasty

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Today, I would like to share about the most commonly used breast reduction technique.
Straight line below the nipple is formed. This is one of the most common method, and it was developed in order to minimize the wound or scar formed after the inverted T  surgery.

This method is appropriate to young patients but is not good for those who have very large sized breasts.

I would like to refer to the below image for further explanation.

We need to decide what to do with the skin tissue removed in breast reduction surgery, and also decide on how we can fill the empty space.

Vertical(lollipop) incision Breast reduction surgery involves removing fat from the bottom part of the breast and pulling the two sides together for stitching, lifting up the breast and reducing the volume all together.

The result of the surgery would be as the image above. The procedure of this surgery would be as below.

Is the image good for your understanding?

Vertical incision Breast reduction surgery is rather quick and the stitching part is rather small. This is the big advantage and it is conducted widely around the world.
But this is not appropriate for very large sized breasts.

We could apply standard breast reduction but I would like to introduce L-shaped incision breast reduction to you.

The only difference is that the fat from the bottom part of the breast is put above the nipple. This leads to more removal of fat.

The surgery result on incision shown in the above image. This requires more time for recovery than the straight line breast reduction.

But L-shaped incision breast reduction is more effective for large sized breasts.
The procedure for this surgery is as below image.

Today, we looked at two common methods of breast reduction. One is vertical incision breast reduction and the other is L-shaped incision breast reduction.
Thank you.

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