plastic surgery

Plastic surgery and Culture

8:29 PM
plastic surgery korea

History of plastic surgery | KIES-U Plastic surgery Korea

9:06 PM
Implant contraction

Implant contraction (atrophy) after breast augmentation

7:48 PM
breast augmentation

Breast augmentation for MtF transgenders

8:46 PM
sagging breast correction

Providing upper volume on the sagging breasts

4:16 PM
breast augmentation

Do we use an appropriate size of breast implants here in Korea?

8:00 PM
fat transfer

Perception on fat and stem cell transplant | Plastic surgery Korea KIES-U

7:09 PM
24 hour breast augmentation

Instabreast. 24hour breast enlargement | Plastic surgery Korea KIES-U

7:21 PM
breast augmentation

What happens to over augmented breasts? | Plastic surgery Korea KIES-U

9:41 PM

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