Do we use an appropriate size of breast implants here in Korea?

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I have collected my own data for three years regarding breast augmentation and not I would like to share some statistical findings on the width of the breast comparing with the size of the implant here in Korea.

When we decide on what size implant to use, we need to measure the width of the patient’s breast and the width of the implant. If the width of the patient’s breast is 12cm, then the width of the implant should not be larger that that. Of course there is a problem with extensibility (but this applies more to those who give birth) but the main issue would be that the size of the implant should not affect the thickness of the outer breast layer and should not lead to complications.

Anyway, the easiest measurement would be according to the size of the width. In my past 3 years of experience, they average width size for those who wished to get breast augmentation was 11cm. Also, if I look at the data of the 3 implants brands that I have used, the average volume is 284cc and the width of the implant is 11.4cm. The data is a little different according to the brands and the yearly distribution is also a little different but we can see that the width of the implant is little larger than the width of the breast.

There is difference between the implants used in Seoul and other cities as well. Some prefer round type, others prefer anatomical type. The preferred sizes are different also so we cannot say everything with just the average numbers. Those who come to Gangnam are prefer large sized implants. Those in the rural areas are very conservative on the implant size (both doctors and patients). The younger the patient is, she prefers larger sized implant for visibility reasons. The older the patient is, the requirement is different. In the past (2011~2013), those who preferred anatomical wanted large sized implant but this is not the same any more.

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Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

There are patients who have same width size in both their breasts but are asymmetric and the two breast volumes are different because of the bone structure. In such case, we might have to use large implant for the small volume breast and smaller implant for the large volume breast. This would decrease the overall average of the implant size.

When I interview the patients I find out that those who want large breasts want their breasts as large as they can get without any severe complications. Those at the opposite request so that the augmented breasts are not too large. The size of the implant decides on the breast volume nowadays. I am currently in Kangnam so I feel that there are many young women who want large sized implants. Whenever such requirement is made, I tend to talk a lot with the patients. In overall, Korean women do not require a large sized implant, but those who come to Kangnam require large sized ones. I hope that they can step back a little and be less greedy.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Today, we looked at the data of the implants used and the characteristics of different patients in finding out if the appropriate sizes of implants have been used.
Thanks and have a great day.

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