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We call augmented breast that is too large, an overaugmented breast. Today, I would like to share about using a large implant that is too big for the body of its owner.
Most of you know that the implant is made of silicone. But, why is the silicone used? I have not seen any patient ask me about this. The implants used on the breast augmentation, whatever the brand or type it is, are all made of silicone. I would have been amazed if there was a patient who asked me about the procedure of the implantation.

This is the core activity of the whole process. The brand or the type of the implant is not important. There are various reasons for using the silicone and here are a few;

1. The form does not change with time (It is semipermanent)
2. It is cheap and is easy to purchase
3. It has that soft feeling similar to the skin
4. It can be formed / processed into different shapes

These are some important factors, but you should be more interested in no. 1.
Silicone does not change its form. However, the long the implant stays in the body, the silicone does not change its location or the shape. We stated before that the skin is similar to clothes with spandex and the pressure goes against the silicone. The silicone can resist this pressure.

365 days a year, the outer layer of the breast pressures the implant, but the silicone can withstand this pressure leading to the outer layer extending. The collagen fiber restructures making the skin extend. Other outer layer that cover ligament, fascia, etc of the breast all extend. Also the rib cone and periost start to erode. The bones get dug out.

The restructuring of the collagen and the eroding of the bones do not happen severely if the implant is not too large.

But, what if there is a too large sized implant that goes into the pocket with much pressure? The skin and other parts of the breast would extend a lot. This is natural for adaptation to the surrounding environment. Also, there would be a sever case of erosion and the bones will be dugged out. a lot.

The biggest problem in using a very large sized implant is the extension of the outer tissue. The breast would not be able to withstand the weight of the implant and the breast would fall downwards. The breast would sag and the overall shape would be worse.

If you have breast augmentation before marriage, your shape would not be affected because you would have good enough skin elasticity. However, this is not the same once you get married and start to breastfeed. Another problem that may arise is the contraction of the breast. As the implant pushes up the breast, much pressure is caused on the breast making it thinner. The implant blocks the blood circulation leading to shortage of oxygen and nutrition, making the tissue amount less. We call this breast contraction.

Let’s say that a person with A cup size uses 400c implant and makes her breast size C cup size. The volume of the breast would be original size + the volume of the implant. As time passes, this volume changes. As the implant pressed against the breast, the original volume decreases. So if you measure the size after 2~3 years, the cup size changes from C to B. This change is not from the silicone implant but the change takes place with the original breast. So, such person would have an effect similar to that of another with 300cc implant in a few years time.

The problem does not end here. There are other complications related to using a large sized implant.

Due to the contraction of the skin and its thin layer, one can feel the implant easily, which leads to big dissatisfaction. If you give birth at this point in time, there might be a yoyo syndrome that makes the breasts sag or contract. This is an even worse case.

Two problems that can arise due to usage of large sized implant are
(1) Outer skin extending, low skin elasticity, misshaped breasts
(2) Breast contraction. There may be more problems generated from these two such as rippling, being able to feel the implant, being able to see the implant and breast boundary, low durability of the implant, etc.

So if you are the one who thinks that 400cc is necessary because others used 300cc, you need to change your mind. You might feel good about driving high displacement car but this does not apply to something that goes into your body. You also need to trust the doctor’s experience.

Today, we share about the problems that may arise in using too large sized implant. Did the details help?

Thank you and have a good day.

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