Providing upper volume on the sagging breasts

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The objective for sagging breast corrections are as the following;

- Changing the location of areola-nipple
- Providing volume to the upper part of the breasts
- Recovering the overall elasticity of the breasts

There aren’t many methods in correcting a severe case of sagging breasts. We need to pull up the breast tissue, lift up the bottom part as much as possible. In my experience, those patients with moderate level of problem that may need regular breast correction can look at each problem one by one and try to solve these problems respectively.

Patients have different level of importance on sagging, volume size, etc, therefore, it is efficient to set priority to result with good planning.

- Changing the location of areola-nipple -

If the distance between the collarbone to the nipple is too long compared to the height of the patient, and if the position of the nipple is too low compared to the overall shape of the breast, you would consider changing the location of the areola-nipple. If the sagging is severe, we could conduct breast correction and lift up the breasts so the location of the areola-nipple also changes. But we could only change the location of the areola-nipple without any other procedures also.

There are some things to consider when we just change location of the areola-nipple. We need to consider where the nipple is facing. If we only change the location of the areola-nipple, the new location may look awkward because it is placed at the higher point of the breast mound. So this correction would be most effective if the nipple is facing downward. It would also be effective if the nipple is not at the high point of the breast mound. Another point that we need to consider is that the location should not be moved too much. There is a lot of tension when relocating the areola-nipple that may lead to wounds and skin troubling. We need to minimize this tension by relocating the areola-nipple with minimal movement.

- Providing volume to the upper part of the breasts - 

This is one area that almost all sagging breast patients want to achieve. There would be some swelling after the correction and so there is volume on the upper part of the breasts naturally. But as time passes and the swelling goes away, the volume disappears leading to disappointment.

There are few methods in getting that volume on the upper breast.

The breast correction surgery leads to the pulling up effect of the sagging breasts but if the breast correction is not applied, the most common and the easiest procedure is the implantation. (Also it is the least costing method) If we plan to do implantation, we need to use an implant that will stand up stiff and maintain its strength so that the upper breast volume can be sustained.

We would need to use stable and durable implant. The stable implants are, Allergan Style 410 > Silimed natural gel > Mentor CPG, Allergan Soft touch, Allergan Inspira >  Other round type implants, Polytech shaped implants.

Apart from Inspira, only the anatomical type implants can securely maintain the volume. The gel inside the implant needs to be sticky and dense to maintain its stiffness and height. Without the stickiness and the density, the implant would not be able to fill up the upper breast volume.

Another method would be the fat transplant. If the engraft success rate is guaranteed, then this would be the best method. there are two problems with fat transplant, cost and engraft success rate.

Let’s talk about the cost first. If we conduct large amount of fat transplant, the cost would be about 4~5 million KRW. But fat transplant requires more than just one time procedure. Most patients who conduct this 2~3 times additionally. Then the cost would be…. The engraftment success rate is still a problem. There are news that stem cell has helped out this success rate, but if the success rate of the engrafted fat follow up within the 5 years is 40% or higher, this would be one for the Nobel Prize

- Recovering the overall elasticity of the breasts - 

The best solution for breast elasticity is through implants. The pressure from the implant gets shared directly to the breast outer skin therefore the implant can make the wrinkles spread out and make the skin elastic. Such natural work of giving volume leading to better elasticity provides the best result possible (Its the least costing method). At times, we cut off the skin to make the shape better during the breast correction. But this only applies to sever sagging breasts.

As above, we looked at how to plan about the problems with moderate level of sagging breasts. Areola relocation, breast augmentation with implant, fat transplant, etc can all lead to good results if applied appropriately.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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