Breast augmentation for MtF transgenders

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Today, I would like to share about breast augmentation for male to female (MTF) transgenders (TG) and questions related.

1. What are the differences in breast augmentation between females and MTF TG? 

From my experience, TG patients have wider and thicker pectoralis muscle compared to female patients. Also, they have more tissue cells near the breast that may be due to the hormone treatments.

If the TG patients were treated for a short period of time or the treatment was not as effective, then there is not much difference in the breast tissue compared to other female patients.

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Therefore, all the TG patients need to talk in depth with the doctors for several decision makings and here are some examples.

Long surgery time is required if the pectoralis muscle is thick (Fascia is tight, therefore it is difficult to get visibility. A lot of energy is spent on retraction)

If the pectoralis muscle is on top of the implant, it can limit the volume enlargement effect, therefore, we need to consider breast augmentation above the pectoralis muscle.
If you have a lot of subcutaneous fat, then augmentation above the pectoralis muscle is recommended.

If you do not have that much subcutaneous fat but a lot of pectoralis muscle, then dual plane is recommended.

The original breasts are less female-like, therefore volume enlargement is a priority in making the breasts look normal.

2. Is there any relationship between hormone treatment and breast augmentation?

Female hormone treatment does not cause any problem when conducting breast a breast augmentation surgery. But, theoretically, hormone treatment with breast augmentation can cause bleeding, so it is recommended that you stop hormone treatment one week before the breast augmentation. You can start the hormone treatment again after a few days of breast augmentation.

3. Are there any complications that you can find specifically for MTF TG?

Capsular contracture, implant collapse, moving of the implant, rippling, being able to feel the implant, bleeding, hematoma, etc are all common complications but the incidence rate is not higher because you are a TG patient.

TG patients have larger upper body therefore we need to desquamate more for the implant pocket. This may lead to more bleeding and hematoma. TG patients have wider breast width therefore they use larger implants that require larger pocket leading to higher chance of bleeding. But this is only a possibility.

There is no statistics that TG patients suffer more cases of bleeding or hematoma.

4. What procedure is recommended to MTF TG for breast augmentation?

First, dual plane is preferred over below the pectoralis muscle. If you have enough subcutaneous fat and tissue, then above the pectoralis muscle can be considered, but the dua plane is recommended.

Most of the TG patients do not have properly shaped breasts therefore, shaped implant, ie. anatomical implant is recommended for better outcome. Usually, when we talk about yoyo-syndrome, we share that the skin elasticity worsens really quickly therefore it is not good for cosmetic purposes.

But the TG patients have strong breast skin layer that influences the implant acceptance. The yoyo-syndrome for TG patients do not always have a negative effect. If TG patients try to control their weight, they should do it continuously and slowly. Repetitive yoyo effect of weight leads to negative effect on the health as well.

Today, we shared contents on the things that MTF TG patients are curious about. I hope that this content has helped you out.

Thank you and have a good day.

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