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Surgical procedure such as a “temporary boob job” is very popular in NY and other parts of the world. we do not know exactly how many people get this does. We are just talking about it with our basic perception that this is very popular.

Breast augmentation can be perceived as the most applied surgery in the world (in US, there were 300,000 cases in 2013). This led to a cosmetic surgeon in NY to develop InstaBreast concept that she tested on herself, which can estimate the size of the breast after the breast augmentation. This InstaBreast is actually applied in a different way now. People today, look for it when they want to temporarily make their breasts bigger for a dress or a bikini.

InstaBreast is really simple. First, you can rub it on the breast, then inject saline liquid (0.9% salt water) into the breast…. It is durable for 24 hours. The body intakes the saline water in time and this saline water is discharged through urine.

There might be a bruise but it does not last long. It costs about $2500~3500 in NY, so this is not something that is cheap. Of course, breast augmentation would cost a lot more.

You can do a simulation for InstaBreast. The simulation result is much more effective than that 3D computer simulation of T-shirt Test. So I think that this is the best method today to estimate how your breasts would be before the breast augmentation.

Once the surgery starts, the patient will be on anesthesia The patient would not be able to communicate with the doctor until the implantation and stitching are complete. The dissatisfaction with the size of the breast can arise as the patient cannot communicate with the doctor during the procedure. If you are one who is really worried about the final result, you could try out the InstaBreast to estimate the outcome. But, I really wonder if the cost is good enough for the people to try it out.

The cost could really be a big problem if you are the one (maybe if you are afraid to put implant in your breasts) who wants to use the InstaBreast temporarily for a party or a summer vacation.

I think that many methods are brought up in US because it is such a huge country. People think a lot, and there are many things advancing there compared to our country.
I would like to introduce Macrolane, a large capacity filler for breast enlargement. It is hyaluronic acid that was used a lot in Europe but became restricted in UK from 2012. It was restricted because one could not identify the difference between the bundles that the filler made with the cancer tumor through the mammogram. This Macrolane could not get FDA approval as well and it is not imported to our country as well.

There are some patients who ask me if I recommend InstaBreast to the patients. I think that InstaBreast can be applied in limited terms. If you are really resistant to implant and want temporary enlargement of the breasts, do not know how your breasts would end up, then you should consider InstaBreast.

Currently, it is not too expensive to get a breast augmentation, and the recovery is really quick without much pain. So, I do not think that InstraBreast is something that I should recommend aggressively.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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