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Polytech’s 2 Gel cohesive gel implant – Natural movement that feels the same as the original breasts

Today, I would like to introduce 2 Gel cohesive implant manufactured by Polytech in Germany but is not widely known here in Korea.

This implant is called Diagon gel implant but I would like to keep things simple and call it 2 gel cohesive gel.

The difference between the 2 gel and the conventional cohesive gel is that this product is formed in double layer of soft silicone gel and strong silicone gel.

As you can see in the image above, the back side of the implant is filled with the soft gel and the front side is filled with the hard gel. So we call this implant, 2 gel or Diagon gel sice there are 2 types of gel stuck together.
This 2 gel is Polytech’s independent and unique product.

The reasons why Polytech produced this implant are:
- To make the implant stick more naturally providing better support (compared to conventional one)

- To show natural movement such as the original breasts when the person makes much movement around the breast

As you can see in the image above, the 2 Gel implant has similar outer line formation as the conventional cohesive gel implants (round/water drop type). The only difference is the inside.

The soft gel at the back touches the rib bone softly to form molding. This is why the patient feels that the augmented breast feels much like the original one.

The hard gel at the front makes a projection that helps the nipple to find its position properly and also pushes the breast tissue up (Push up style).

Also, the strong gel helps to find natural movement, reacts slowly, and maintains shape stability (even for those patients who are really thin).

The patient with this 2 Gel implant will feel great sense of ‘wear ability’ and feel that the augmented breasts move naturally.

The product was made with the concept of the developers 
of this 2 Gel implant in Polytech, thinking that if the bottom is soft 
with the top being hard, the implant looks and feels natural 
much like to original breasts

I am very amazed at Polytech’s developers who put much details into consideration when making this Diagon gel implants.

There are 4 series of products in 2 gel implants. These are oval shape, water drop, round textured, and microthane (polyurethane) coating. These are the core breast implant products that Polytech has.

The surface of these products helps reduce the incidence rate of the capsular contracture and is a technology that is well known of these products.

Diagon gel (2 Gel) implant is certified here in Korea but is not imported easily, so one needs to wait a long time after the order. It takes about 2 to 3 months. Also, the price of these implants are relatively high therefore the augmentation costs about USD 8,000. In Korea, it costs about 9 million won including VAT. This is a disadvantage. But if you are a person who wants more unique and natural differentiation, then this implant is the appropriate one for you.

This is all for today. Have a great day and thank you.

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