importance of the skin condition in choosing breast implant size

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Reason why your skin condition is important when choosing your breast implant size 

Many are interested in why size implant to use for the breast augmentation.

The name of the cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation, i.e. breast enlargement. It is obvious that many want their breasts to be larger.

KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea

However, for some, there aren’t any problems when using large sized implants but there are also others who might have difficulty in putting in the large sized implants and have future problems.

First, we measure the width of the breast and then select the appropriate implant. This actually determines the size of the implant.

The width of the breast simply means that if you have a large body, you can use a large sized implant, vice versa.

However, this is not as simple as we think it is. Measuring the width of the breast is mandatory but this is not a 100% solution in selecting the implant. Another consideration point is how elastic the outer skin covering the breast is.

This is very important. It is like when choosing a house. The size of the house might be fitting for 4 persons but if you utilize the interior structure properly, you might have enough space for 6 people.

If the skin is elastic, you might be able to use a large sized implant although you have a small body. If your skin is tight, then you might have to use a small sized implant although you have a large sized body.

KIES-U Breast augmentation Korea

The outer skin that covers your breast is formed by many things. There are flesh, subcutaneous fat, muscle (pectoral muscle), fascia, and others.

We are talking about the fat that covers the implant which lies on top of the ribs.

As you get older, your skin loses elasticity and sags much also. This leads to sagging breasts.

As you give more births, your breast skin sags much also.
When you gain fat, and then loose about 10 ~ 20 kg in a very short time, your breast skin loses elasticity as well.

If you put implant in such loose skin, it is easy to put in even a large size implant. This is very easy. The shape looks natural in a short time as well.

If you have not given a birth, or if you are very young, you would have strong elastic skin. The skin would not extend easily. Also, it would be very troubling to put something in it. Although, somehow you put in a large sized implant, your breast would not look natural.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

Those aged patients who have given birth to many children and have sagging breasts can use maximum sized implants. The scar / wound disappears quickly also. The scar/wound is formed when the pulling strength of the skin is strong.

If the weight of this large implant is heavy, the weight would pull down the breasts making them sag more. Therefore, one needs to consider the size and weight together appropriately.

Young, single women with no experience in giving birth have many restrictions in the implant volume size. The skin pulls strongly. One needs to have a big desquamation spot in order to put in the implant. Also, the breast would look unnatural after the breast augmentation. As time flies, your breast would look more natural. But, there is one thing that you need to remember. The more elastic your skin is, the more difficult it is to put in the large sized implants.
Let’s summarize. First, we need to consider the width of the breast when choosing the implant size. Second, we need to consider how elastic the skin is.
If you have large body and elastic skin, you can use a large sized implant.
If you have small body and inelastic skin, you need to use a small sized implant.

If you are small but have elastic skin, you can use a large size implant.
But, if you are big but have inelastic skin, you need to use a small sized implant.

Before and after breast augmentation

Today, we looked at considering points focused on skin elasticity when choosing the implant size. I hope that this content has helped you.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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