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Q. I have heard that there are many who used Polytech implants for breast augmentation? Is Polytech trustworthy? How are the products?

This is my response. Polytech is a German company with 25 years of history. The HQ is in Dieburg, a small city which is not too far away from Frankfurt. A small lab and plant in this city provide breast implant around the world.

Polytech is not a large company but a mid sized one. There are mid sized companies in US such as Natrelle and Mentor. Natrelle has been acquired by Botox manufacturing company, Allergan, and Mentor has been acquired by multinational company, Johnson and Johnson’s.
Natrelle and Mentor are famous for making cohesive gel implants but this is caused due to the strong marketing power that they have. They have much capital, product and sell millions of implants around the world, so many people are aware of the products.
Polytech is comparably a small company but its products are certified by many doctors in Europe.

Mentor and Allergan, both received certification by FDA in US for their cohesive gel products, however, Polytech has not. Surprisingly, the very first water drop type implant (anatomically shaped cohesive gel) certified was Silimed from Brazil. Mentor and Allergan received their certification many days after.

No matter how much experienced a doctor is, he/she has not announced any paper regarding which company’s product is a good selection of implant that does not have side effects.

FDA certification is more about political, administrative and capital power game rather than the quality of the implant itself.

So the marketing efforts that are put into the sales of the implants are misleading. One can find the worst cases in US. The promotion war of the breast implants is very tense however, it is more important to have the doctors use the implants and compare the capsular contracture incidence rate.

Which company, Polytech, Mentor, Silimed, or Allergan, makes the best products? I have used round/water drop type implants from these companies, but I do not have the answer as to which is the best.
This is similar to asking which car, BMW, Benz, or Audi, is the safest car?
This answer would depend on the person who drives the car and knows the specifics.

I have observed that Polytech water drop type implant does not have strong sense of form stability, and gel intensiveness compared to Allergan and Silimed. But it has high level of fullness.

So it is rather easy to put the implant through a small inlet. Also this leads to less damage on the scar, in the case of water drop type implants. Allergan is the toughest one to do so because it is rather hard.

But Allergan’s stability is really good. Polytech has low stability so it is disadvantageous when used to fill up the volume in the upper part of the breast. However, the good level of fullness and cohesiveness helps the durability of the exterior and although the implant collapses, the gel does not leak easily. The durability itself is good.

Polytech implants have vertical line at a 6 o’clock direction that can be seen through the ultra sound test. So, one can easily find out if the implant has been turned around after the operation by the ultra sound test. This is one big advantage.

The details would go on and on if I keep on comparing the differences of all the implants so I will end it here for today.

Was this helpful? Thank you, and have a great day.

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