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Correction of Breast Asymmetry

There are many of those who are worried about “what shall I do with my breasts?” when they have uneven (asymmetry) breasts. (There are those who want anatomical implant for the uneven breasts as well)

It is obvious that a person has two different sides. But there are different opinions on how the two breasts can be different.

The two lower lines are never at the same level (height). 1000 patients out of a thousand would have different heights.
The lower lines are different after the breast correction as well, but this has absolutely no cosmetic influence.

Difference in the two lower lines. 
The difference exists before and after the correction.

The positions of the two nipples are different as well. This is the same after the breast correction also. If you know this, then you are right.

We do not need to have a cosmetic surgery in order to make the lower lines or the nipples come up to be at the same level. It is alright to be at a different level, and the first correction does not try to correct the two locations. The purpose of the cosmetic correction is not to change something that is common to everyone.

The problem exists when there is difference in volume of the two breasts.
If the difference in the volume is easily visible, then you need to use implant to make up the lost in volume.

Left: The ribs are positioned low, therefore the breasts looks like it has no volume. 
Right: Normal chest compared to the left image. One could not know what size cc implant to use. 300cc and 250 cc implants were used to match the difference.

If you use the saline bag type, we can control the volume up to 1cc by controlling the amount of the liquid. But if you use silicone gel bag implant that has already been filled up, it is difficult to fill up the minor difference with the cohesive gel.

But there is one important fact that you need to know. The two breasts under the same condition do not have difference in shape or the size. (Most patients do not know this)
Your spinal might be leaned on to one side of the body, the two ribs might be asymmetry, or the sternal rib might not be positioned correctly in the middle.

There aren’t many people who have straight line through
Midpoint of the collarbone – sternal line – midpoint of the breast 
– midpoint of the ribs – bellybutton.
There are many with bent spinal.

This problem applies to the face as well. There are some celebrities who only take pictures of the left side of the face because the left side looks better than the right side. Just as the two sides of the face are asymmetric, it is common that the same applies for the body.

Let’s say that you are constructing a 2 storied building on the ground that has different levelling. Which side do you think would look taller? The side with higher leveled ground would look taller.

The side with lower ribs needs more volume implant. If you had an accident or got injured ribs, the injured part might stick out more than the other. In this case, you would need a less volume implant.
If you have a nipple with no volume on the lower part and the other that has no volume on the upper, you might need anatomical implant for the lower part and the round type for the upper part.

Right breast does not have a clear axillary line. Left breast has a clear axillary line.

We conduct correction for only one side of the breast if you have a Poland syndrome.
If the shape is asymmetric but only the volumes are different between the two breasts, we just consider the volume of the round type or the anatomical type and go on with the procedure.

The process of selecting the implant size for uneven breasts is

1) Measure the diameter of the breast and then decide on the volume size of the implant
2) Use the Sizer in order to measure the volume and the shape of the breast with the saline bag liquid after the desquamation
3) Then input the cohesive gel. Final decision is made with the visual guide and experience of the doctor

Normally the measurement is important for me. But is the asymmetric is severe, the experience and the judgment of the doctor becomes really important.

Implant size comparison table: Natrelle vs Polytech

Anatomical implant is different from round type in that we need to put in the implant by tilting it.
There are many of those who think that the 6 o’clock side of the anatomical implant needs to be positioned at 6 o’clock side of the breast, but this does not apply to the uneven breasts.
The implant can be positioned at 5 o’clock or 7 o’clock position in order to make the two breasts look similar in shape and in volume.

Polytech anatomical implants at different sizes

Then does the implant remain at that tilted position? This may be the question that you have. Textured implants rarely change its position or rotate once put into the breast. It is difficult to rotate it by hand purposely.

Anatomical, in such sense, might be better for those with asymmetric breasts. It has directional nature so it can be used to match the asymmetric breasts.

This is one topic that many do not understand during the interviews. Has this blog been helpful to you?

Thank you very much.

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