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How to get a good touch feel after breast augmentation

Many people think that one needs to use soft implant to get a good touch feel after the breast augmentation.

When I talk to patients, I get surprised that there are many patients who say “I want to implant with a good sense of touch.”

First, let’s talk about what is natural touch feeling

A good sense of touch is that the breast with the implant should feel as soft as the original breast.

An original breast of a person is made up of cells that come together to form subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscle tissue, etc, and makes that sense of touch when you touch the breast.

Then, what forms this exact sense of touch?
It is your own skin.

When your own skin fills up the volume of the breast, you will feel the best sense of touch.
But this is like a story from a SF movie.

In reality, you cannot generate skin on the body part that you want like that of a lizard. This is not possible as of now. It might be possible in a hundred years or so.

So we use fat transplantation but the only a certain amount of fat transplanted remain. Most fat are absorbed by the body, therefore there is not much volume effect on the breast.

This is why the doctors have tried numerous substances (including soybean oil) on the breast augmentation.

In the end, only the gel type silicone bag is commercially used today.
It is safe, and not related to cancer or any other illness
It is cheap, does not alter, and is strong. There is nothing like it today.

Also the silicone is closest to our body tissue but does the gel type silicone bag feel the best? It does not.

The liquid type silicone feels the best when used.
Liquid silicone feels softer than the human skin, therefore it was very welcomed when used at first. However, there was no solution when the liquid silicone caused inflammation or necrosis or any other side effects on the body.

The liquid put in through the injection disperses everywhere, so it was difficult to remove the liquid when there was a problem caused.

A close to disaster problems was caused leading to the disappearance of its medical usage.

The cohesive gel that we use today feels much like a rock compared to the liquid silicone.

But there are law restrictions that limit our usage to the cohesive gels and therefore we do not have choices today. Liquid silicone should not be used and the cohesive gel has been chosen for safety issues.

What are the factors that influence the sense of touch in the cohesive gel implants?

1, The thinner the exterior skin is
2, The less amount of gel that the implant has
3, The less dense the gel is
makes the product soft.

If the thinner exterior skin, less amount of gel and less density lead to better sense of touch, why is such implant not manufactured and used?
If you think about it a little, you will know the answer. This definitely has some cons in usage.

1. Thin exterior skin leads to higher possibility of implant damage

This is obvious.
If the exterior skin is thin, it can be damaged as you put it into the body (especially if the inlet is small).

An implant with a thin skin can get scratched when putting into the body, and also the bag can be damaged. This will lead to the leakage of inner substance.

2. An implant is less amount of gel will collapse. It will not have good durability.

Let’s think about a bicycle tire. If the tire is completely filled with air, the tire would not bust. If it is not filled, there might be a lot of substance stuck on the tire fold leading to a damage.

The same applies to the implant as well. If the implant is mot filled properly, the durability gets worse. The implant will be folded inside the body, and the folded part would lead to abrasion and higher possibility of damage. There is a high possibility of rippling as well.

But completely filled implant would not have much fold and the surface would extend fully leading to stronger durability and less possibility of rippling.

3. Less density of gel leads to damage in shape

A human being walks around, and there is gravity pulling us down.
A silicone gel bag type implant needs to stay at a standing position at all times except when we are sleeping. The implant needs to maintain its water drop shape but it if doesn’t, it will not be able to feel up to volume of the upper breast and the volume will be concentrated at the bottom.

This is something that the young patients in their 20~30’s, before pregnancy, do not understand. Mid aged patients understand this concept easily. Losing elasticity on the skin and breast tissue makes the breasts sag. The implants need to maintain the shape and keep the volume on the upper part of the breast in order to make the breasts look young.

But the more important thing is that the commercially used textured and smooth type implants cannot be felt easily (especially when put in under the pectoralis muscle).
All these implants feel alike (because they all are cohesive gel types, not liquid silicone)

I, myself, cannot know if the patient has smooth, textured, or anatomical implant just by touching unless I see the patient’s chart although I work with breast augmentation patients all day and every day.

Then, how can the patients know the difference?
In conclusion, if the implant is located under the pectoralis muscle, one cannot know any difference in touch feel.

The more important facts are that;

First, there should not be any capsular contracture.
Second, when the implant is put in the body, it should co-exist and extent appropriately inside the body to maintain a good sense of touch.
Third, one should not use an implant that is too big.
And, soft feeling augmented breast would lead to sagging of the breast that would cause more dissatisfaction of the patient. Soft implant is not good if you look at it a long term.

Today’s post was on the sense of touch of implant.

Thank you for reading, have a great day.

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