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Size of implants

How should I choose the size of the implants? This is one question that the patients take long time considering when they talk to us.

The fact that saddens me is that it is really difficult to have the patients get away from the thought that a certain cc leads to a certain cup size.

Breast augmentation is to improve the upper body look.
The implant used in the breast augmentation needs to fit the upper body numerically. It is like fitting a dress to the body.

There is not one person who says, 
"I need to wear 66 size and nothing else. My friend looked really pretty 
when she wore size 66 dress" when fitting a dress.

Luckily there are many types of implants that fit many different bodies.
The size in "cc" of the volume, is automatically decided as one chooses the implant spec according to the upper body shape.

Then what is an implant spec?

There are 3 types of spec in an implant.


When you decide on the three specs above, your decision for the implant is made. The volume (cc) is automatically decided after this.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

If you have broad shoulders and long breast diameter, then you would need a wide implant.

If your breasts are small, then you would need implant that is high profile rather than something that is wide.

If you have an upper body that is long or have breasts that are positioned rather low, then you would need long shaped implants.

What if you have breasts that are different in sizes? For example, let’s say that your left nipple sticks out but your right nipple is short. Then you would need to use thick implant for the right breast and thin one for the left breast.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

If your right nipple is faced upwards, and left nipple is aces downwards, you would need to use short height implant on the right, and long height implant on the left.

How about the sagging and less elastic breasts after giving birth or breast feeding? You would need long (height) implants. What if the sagginess of both breasts is different? The breast that sags more would need an implant that has longer height in order to fill up the empty space.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

The fact that surprises me the most whenever I talk to my patients is that my patients do not know what type of problems they have regarding the breasts and they also do not know the characteristics of their breasts.

First step in deciding the type of the implant is to find one that fits the specifics of the patient’s body. Size is decided automatically. You would know that spec and size are different by referring to the image below.

Breast augmentation Korea KIES-U

If the implant is wide and long but has a low profile, the volume can be small. If the width is narrow but is long in height and has a high profile, the volume can be big. There also can be opposite cases.

Such three dimensional aspects of spec need to be combined together in order to find an implant that is most fitting for the upper body. This is the most important point in planning the breast augmentation.

It is important to find an implant with an appropriate spec that fits well with your upper body. The size, volume (cc), is decided after this fitting so you do not need to worry about or remember. (There are patients who do not remember what volume (cc) implant they have used one year after the breast augmentation)

It would be awkward to ask you tailor if you could have a 55 size dress, after the tailor takes measurements of your arm, waist, legs, hip, shoulders and chest.
It is wrong to ask for a certain size volume but right to ask the doctor to choose an implant that is most fitting for you.

Have a great day, thank you very much.

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  1. Nice Post, Thanks for sharing about Low Profile Breast Implants . Thanks for sharing your details of whole Breast Implant Surgery procedures.

  2. Hi, Low profile implants come in both Silicone implants and Saline implants. The low profile implants do not have projection like the high profile implants, they are flatter as compared to the former. These implants give a more natural look to the breast.


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