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Choosing the right size anatomical implant for breast augmentation

This is another frequently asked question. Today, I would like to post an answer on “How to choose the appropriate size of implant when getting a breast augmentation?”

It could be summed up as the following. 
When you park your car, you park within the parking spot lines.
If you go over the over, your car might end up in an accident. 
The car garage can be high, long or wide. 
But you should never go over the parking lines. 

This parking line is similar to the 
breast width (diameter) in breast augmentation.
 You need to choose an implant size that 
does not go over the breast diameter.

I think that you would be able to catch the point after seeing the image above.
You might also wonder how a large sized anatomical implant is put into a body of a patient who is very thin.

What happens when an implant that is larger in width compared to the breast diameter is used? If you have a narrow thorax, you might be able to feel the implant from the outside. If you are one with funnel chest, the implants on both sides might come and stick together in the middle. This is a high possibility for skinny and thin patients.

If you have more flesh, your skin would be thick, therefore you might not feel the implant although it is larger than the diameter size of your breast. However, in such case, the implant inside your breast might be folded or squashed.

Implant being squashed means that the outer layers are folded. This would lead to implant collapse.

This is why I mentioned an example of parking spot earlier. A car is limited in terms of width, but not in height or length.

The image below shows a very thin woman with 320cc cohesive gel anatomical implant.
Being skinny is one problem, but having a tight skin is another factor that makes it difficult to use large sized implant. A round type implant at about 320cc would need a diameter that is longer than 12.5cm. But an anatomical implant that is long and thick, for example, Optimom from Polytech, a company in Germany, has 320cc in diameter of 11cm.

The patient is very thin, therefore, the breast does not look big although a 320cc implant has been used. This is breast augmentation. For some patients, 200cc might be large enough. For others, 400cc might be small.

But in order for an implant to be put into the pocket size, it is more advantageous to use an anatomical implant that is designed 3 dimensionally and has more variety of choices. It is also better in using a large volume implant.

Today, we looked at the factors in deciding the anatomical implant size for breast augmentation. Have a nice weekend.

Thank you very much.

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