I have heard that dual plane breast augmentation makes the breasts look anatomical......?

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Q) I have heard that if I get dual plane breast augmentation, my breasts would end up looking anatomical so I do not need to use the anatomical implants. Is this true?

There are growing number of people who ask me the question stated above. I do not know what to do if I get asked such question, but there is the answer first. Dual plane and anatomical implant breast augmentation are completely different concepts. This is similar to saying that you can taste watermelon when you are actually eating round shaped pumpkin.

Dual plane refers to the depth of the implant put in, i.e. the location that the implant is put in to.
Anatomical implant breast augmentation refers to the anatomical implant that is used for the augmentation.

These two cannot be the same. They have different objectives and purposes.

Dual plane is to cover up the implant so that it is not exposed 
and to secure the location / position of the implant. 
Anatomical implant is used to make the new breast shape as such. 

Dual plane breast augmentation is not to make 
the breast look like a certain shape. 
It is a method that improves on the side effects of both 
under and above the muscle placement.

Dual plane is applied in order to reduce the side effects and improve on the disadvantages, and anatomical implant is used for cosmetic reasons.

Today, we looked at the two concepts of dual plane and anatomical implant breast augmentation and how they are different. There are many deceiving information in breast cosmetic surgeries.

 Thank you for reading. Thanks.

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