Survey results on the Breast augmentation 24 hour (quick) recovery system

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24 hour recovery after Breast augmentation 

Today, I would like to clear some misunderstandings and perception on the 24 hour recovery system.

24 hour recovery system was first introduced 
by John B. Tebbetts from Dallas, US.
It is also mentioned in a book, 
the patient and surgeon experience, Mosby, 2010, Elsevier Inc. pp.377~385)
and has been introduced much in various essays.

It is mentioned on the same book that the 24 hour recovery system can also result in minimized side effects and revision.

This is not another type or advertising message that tries to influence the patients to get the surgery, but it is a mandatory technique that a doctor should know in order to minimize any possibilities of aftermath problems and side effects.

A 24 hour recovery system is: to recover quickly within 24 hours from the breast augmentation so that you can get back into your daily work and life without any problems.  It means that you can get the breast augmentation in the morning and go out shopping in the late afternoon. Those patients who were able to recover within 24 hours had less incidence rate of side effect than those who did not recover within 24 hours.

......24 hour recovery also deliver optimal long-term outcomes with low complication and reoperation rates. (Referred from the book)

.....such results along with the same elements that make the 24 hour recovery possible proofs that the long term result from the breast augmentation is optimized. (Referred from the book)

But, how can a patient recover in 24 hours? There needs to be much experience and know-how in order to make this possible. I conducted a survey on those patients that I had for a one year period starting Feb 2013. There were 172 patients who responded.

Hi, this is Kies-U. We introduce the “24 hour recovery system from anatomical breast augmentation” to our patients all the time. We would like to conduct a survey on those patients with breast augmentation who recovered in 24 hours. Please choose a response that best describes your experience and reply with the response number. Thank you very much. 
(1) Definitely recovered within 24 hours
(2) Recovered somewhat within 24 hours
(3) Did not recover within 24 hours

We analyzed the statistics of this question. Here is the result.

90.1% of all the respondents stated positively about the 24 hour recovery system. There were 9.9% of the respondents who answered that they did not recover in 24 hours.
I looked at some factors that slow down the 24 hour recovery system

Although most of the patients state that the ‘recovery was quick and there were no discomforts’, there are cases that are opposite. So I have gathered such cases to come up with the following findings.

1) If the size is too big
2) If the patient has different body shape (Abnormal bone structure / very tight skin tissue / bad case of bird chest, etc
3) If the patient was not in a good condition on the day of the surgery

There are many factors but we could sum them up as such.
If the implant is too big, then the pocket needs to be made big. In doing so, there could be much bleeding or much bothering on the pain receptors leading to long term continuous pain.
If you have a tight skin then there would be extensive force on the skin leading to much pressure. The pressure causes pain on the bones and other parts of the body.
If you are a patient who is very thin and have tight skin, you might want to make your breasts as large as possible. This greed might hinder the quick recovery that you could have.

24 hour recovery = Low complication

The equation above is what Dr. Tebbetts tries to emphasize. I agree with it.
If there is no pain, and if you feel comfortable, then this means that there is no trauma caused from the surgery, and the skin tissue can recover quickly resulting in no capsular contracture or other complications.

Today, we looked at the 24 hour recovery system. Thank you for reading.
Have a great day.

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