How to choose Breast Implant Size for Breast Augmentation

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Breast Surgery To Know List 4.
Deciding on the Breast implant size

There are many posts on how we can decide on the size of the breast implants. Today, I would like to summarize the core contents with this post.

Before the doctor would see the patient and say “You would need xxx cc.” This was about 7 to 8 years ago.
But today, this process is different. There are several stages on how we go about in choosing the right breast implant size.

We usually use the below 3 stages.
1. Upper body measurement
2. Implant fitting (T-shirt test)
3. Sizing while conducting surgery

I will go in detail for each one of them.

1. Need to get upper body measurements in the first consultation with the surgeon

You need to take different measurements but the most important one is the width of the original breast.
The average width size of those patients (those in 20’s ~ 40’s) who come to have breast augmentation surgery is about 11 cm. If the upper frame is big then this width size is big. If the upper frame is small then the width is small also.
The greater then growth amount in the breast, the wider the width is. So if the original breast is small then the width is small as well.

The width of the implant depends on the width of the breast. So if the width of your breast is about 11 cm, we would choose an implant with width of 11 cm or less.

But there is another part of the body that is as important as the width of the breast. It is the extensibility of the breast tissue
There are those who have elastic skin, tissue, muscle, fat that surround the implant, and there are those with less elastic parts of the body.

The younger the patient is, before giving birth, the skin on the breast does not stretch out as the skin is less elastic.
As you get older, and give births, the skin becomes easily stretches therefore, losing the skin elasticity.

If the skin is tight and does not stretch easily, then it is difficult to use wide implant.

In opposite, if the skin stretches easily, then a larger width implant can be used.

Therefore, we decide on the size of the implant by measuring the upper body, i.e. the width of the breast and the skin elasticity.

This is preliminary, and is not the final decision.

2. Implant fitting (T-shirt test)

How big should the implant be in order to make my breast bigger? A question as such can be answered easily by fitting the implant just as you try different clothes when you want to buy one.

The size of the breast is very subjective and also the satisfaction survey of breast surgery is very subjective as well. So, it is important to check the breast size after the surgery although she knows how much cc implant has been used. If the patient is not satisfied, then this is not a meaningful event for the patient.
Let’s imagine that you are buying a dress.
There are those who think that size 44 is too big.
There are those who think that size 66 is too tight and small.

This is the same with the size of the breast implants. There are those who think that 200cc is too big and those who think that 400cc is too small.

The subjective feeling in choosing the size of the breast implant depends on the size of the upper body, not the absolute number in the size of the implant (cc).

It is not always the case that the size of breast implant chosen at the first stage of upper body measurement would be the same as the size that the patient wants.

So the surgeon prepares the implant that is recommended size and another with the size that the patient wants. There are many variables during the breast augmentation surgery and the size might look differently while having the surgery.

3. Sizing while conducting the breast augmentation surgery

Final decision making is done during the breast augmentation surgery. The measurement size and the patient wanted size are just references sizes for the implant.
During the breast augmentation surgery, we make look for the implant and fit in the implant imitation to measure again which size is the most appropriate one. We call this, sizing.

If the diameter of the breast is about 10.5 cm, and the patient wanted 270cc implant however the recommended size was 290cc, we would prepare all implants from 250cc to 300cc before the start of the surgery.

During the surgery while we test different sizes and decide that 290cc is appropriate, we fit in the 290cc implant into the breast.

In opposite, if there is enough room for the implant but the skin does not stretch so that the 270cc implant cannot fit it, then we used 250cc~260cc implant for the surgery.

There are some patients who visit various clinics but decide on the one that will use the implant with the size that the patient wants.

But, this could lead to trouble in the future. The young patients are too focused in wanting larger breast compared to what the body can take therefore, demand more volume rather than what is appropriate for the body.

We cannot decide on the size of the implant with just the first interview with the surgeon.
As we have stated earlier, there are many stages that are involved in deciding the size of the implant and the final decision is made in the surgery room.

A patient’s opinion is a consideration factor, and the surgeon cannot do everything that the patient requests or demands........
Doing what the patient demands may lead to future problems such as refilling, being able to feel the implant, damage to the implant, unnatural look, etc.

Today we shared the fourth post on the ‘To know list of the breast surgery’ that covered details on how the size of the implant is decided.
Thank you for reading.

Have a great day.

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