Ptosis correction and double eyelid surgery Korea

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Drooping eyelid/ptosis correction in Korea

Today, I would like to post on the eyelid correction surgery in Korea. There are many eye correction methods however I would like to focus on one, ptosis correction. This is the second most common eyelid surgery after the double eyelid surgery but there are many of those who are not well aware of this correction. In order to help understand what ptosis correction is, let’s look at ptosis is.

Ptosis : Drooping of the eyelids (covering your vision)

There are many patients who do not understand what ptosis is when we talk about the ptosis correction.
There are false and true ptosis. 
False ptosis is when the eyelids cover the eyes making the eyes look smaller.
True ptosis is when the muscle that opens the eyes becomes weaker so the you cannot open the eyes wide enough making the eyes look smaller.

Then do I have ptosis or no? If you still have difficult time understanding, then let’s try out the following.

Take a toothpick or a sharp cotton bud and put it parallel to your eyelid. Lift the eyelid with the toothpick. If the eye looks bigger when lifted then you have a false ptosis, if not, then you have a true ptosis.

False ptosis is when the skin of the eyelids droop down, so the double eyelid correction would be appropriate to solve such problem.
We definitely need to conduct the ptosis correction for the true ptosis.

Choosing the correction method is more complex. If your eyes form double eyelids easily with such items such as toothpick then we can conduct non-incision double eyelid surgery but if there is much skin and the line is not formed easily then we need to select the incision method.

There are those with true ptosis and drooping skin also.
In such case, we need to conduct the ptosis correction and also remove the skin.

The contents above were on the ptosis. Now, I would like to share more about the ptosis correction.

What is ptosis correction? 

There are those patients who want to make their eyes look larger than what double eyelid correction can do. In such case, we conduct the ptosis correction method.

Before and after ptosis correction surgery KIES-U Korea


The left image is an eye without false or true ptosis. The patient wanted a larger eye therefore had ptosis correction.
The right image shows the eye after the correction. The eye becomes bigger and there are some patients who do not like it as the correction makes them look with little personality.

The contents stated above can be summarized by the image below.

Does this help you understand easily?

There are many of those who do not understand what ptosis correction and double eyelid correction are although I explain the terms to them in every interview.

Thank you very much for reading.

KIES-U plastic surgery Korea

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