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Breast augmentation massage 

Massaging is to maintain the large space around the breast implant

Many surgeons believed that in order to reduce the capsular contracture, the pocket needs to be larger than the necessary size so that the massaging would be able to maintain the large space of the pocket in order to move the breast implant.

This would prevent the breast implant being adhesive, minimizing the risk of epithelium tightening.
Also, when the patients lies down, the surgeon think that it is good if the breast implant spreads outwards so that it looks natural on the person and the patient would like this.

However, having this large space leads to much problems.
1) The range of the surgery becomes larger causing that much more wounds, pain, inconvenience, and other complications while recovering.
2) At times, when a patient lies down, the implant spreads more that it is supposed to.
3) It looks better if the two breasts come together closely when standing up, but large space might lead to wider separation of the breasts.
4) Also there is no clinical data that massage leads to less capsular contracture. (It means that massaging has no effect)
5) The most important fact is that one cannot control the implant to be at the most appropriate position. The large space makes it difficult for the implant to be located properly leading to deformation of the breasts.

In other words, if the pocket space is large, then the correction must be done on the larger space than anticipated, leading to higher possibility of side effects, and lower accuracy in estimation of where the implant would be located after the correction.

It is not always the case that the breast implant has to be placed in a large pocket in order to look natural and feel good. Although the space is not large enough, the implant can feel more natural just by the movement in the area where epithelium and the tissue meet.

The large space does not minimize capsular contracture and does not lead to greater satisfaction of the patients.

Clinical results from the implant positioned exactly in the appropriate space (diameter)

Type of Implant
Possibility of Capsular Contracture
Natrelle textured water-drop type saline solution bag implant
7 years
Natrelle textured water-drop type silicone gel implant
3 years
Round smooth saline solution bag implant
5 years
Similar to large dissection

There is no difference in the possibility of capsular contracture between small pocket size that leads to less bleeding, and more accurate correction compared to that of large space.

Also, the small space leads to accurate firm positioning of the implant avoiding any movement of the implant and reducing the recovery period.

Today, many clinical results show that whatever type of implant is used, it is important to do the necessary and accurate amount of dissection, and not massage unless it is needed. This applies to both textured and smooth types.

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