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Safe breast augmentation, breast surgery without any defects

Q. People choose plastic surgery clinics considering the safety. So what do the patients need to check?

A. I think that all cosmetic surgery should not have any defects although you might not look pretty after the correction.


The safety and having no problem after the breast augmentation surgery is the most important factor as well.
A surgery involves incision to complete its goal. Once the incision is done, the body bleeds and there is pain. Also, much microorganism can enter the opening of the skin. In any surgeries, one uses anesthesia to kill the pain and sterilize in order to prevent bleeding and infection.

When these three, anesthesia, bleeding, sterilization (disinfection), are not done properly, a problem arises and the surgery becomes dangerous

There are three things that you need to check if you want a safe breast augmentation surgery.

Is there a proper anesthesia for the breast augmentation surgery?

Can the bleeding be stopped after the breast augmentation surgery?

Is there enough measure to prevent infection?

First, breast augmentation surgery requires general anesthesia. General anesthesia is broad in term, however it involves intubation, the suction of the anesthesia. There is another method called LMA but this also involves the suction of the anesthesia.
General anesthesia can be helpful in reacting to any unexpected situations.

We conduct blood test, x-ray, and ECG tests before the anesthesia and also check if there are any test results that are out of the normal figures. This process itself can prevent much problems and unexpected accidents.

There are some cases when the patients find some problems that they have through the blood tests that they have before the correction. There was a case where a patient found out that she had leukemia through the blood test before the correction.
However, there are some unexpected problems that arise during the surgery procedure. In order to handle such situation quickly, it is important to do intubation or LMA.

Second, if there is much bleeding then a good result cannot be expected. There are thick blood vessels underneath the pectoral muscle of the breast. If this is touched, then much bleeding can happen.

In order to conduct a safe procedure, the surgeon must be aware of such problem and also know the exact cautionary measures to react to such a problem. It is rare to have much bleeding that leads to severe threat on life when conducting the breast correction, but if the blood gets into the implant, required in the breast correction, then the implant may be damaged in shape and form, and also could be misplaced causing further problems such as pain or infection as well.

Therefore, a surgeon must be sure that he/she does not leave even a drop of blood near the implant during the breast correction. The best method that helps to stop the bleeding is inframammary incision.

If you conduct the correction from the inframammary, you can gain 100% vision of the operation therefore, a well-trained surgeon can also stop the bleeding quickly and complete the surgery properly.

Also, it is important that the surgeon does not touch unnecessary parts of the body when doing the breast augmentation surgery.

Third, preventing infection and inflammation requires much training for both the surgeon and the nurses as well. Also, it is important to do the breast augmentation surgery quickly so that there is less time for the implant locating part of the body to be exposed with the exterior environment.

The surgery room must be isolated from the exterior environment and also all the personnel in the surgery room must be sterilized.
There is a method called No Touch technique that I would like to introduce.

No touch technique is a technique that prevents any bacteria or microorganism entering the body during the surgery. It is important to maintain the clean status of the body from the incision up until the closing of the wound and also, one must not touch the pocket of the implant during the procedure. Only the tools are used.
It is important to complete the correction procedure quickly in order to prevent infection or inflammation. The longer the procedure takes; we are giving more opportunity for the contaminant to enter the body. Using drains requires the opening of the implant pocket and the exterior, therefore, it is better to prevent such activity, or do this in a very short time.

Those medical personnel who are well trained with no touch technique can prevent contaminants entering the body when doing the breast correction with the implants. One must absolutely close the incision quickly so that there is no exposure to the surgery room or the exterior environment.
Therefore, it is important that the overall procedure completes as quickly as possible.

The three issues stated today are
General inhaling anesthesia
Minimum desquamation, 100% stopping the bleeding
No touch technique, quick surgery time

These are the issues that one must first consider and examine when wanting a safe breast correction.
This is all for today.

Thank you very much.

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