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When I meet patients for breast surgery, there are many frequently asked questions and there are some facts that the patients do not know well enough. I would like to post on these one by one.

Also, I would like to set facts straight, especially those wrong information on the internet.
If any of you have had thought about having a breast augmentation surgery even once, I am sure that you will be able to have more structured knowledge and have good interviews with the surgeons.

Breast Surgery To Know List 1. Knowing your body

The most important part of your body in breast augmentation surgery is the shape of your upper body.
When you interview with the doctor regarding the breast augmentation surgery, the whole process is a matching process that includes the implant and your upper body.
At times you may think that since “I am tall, I need a large implant.” However, the height of a person and the implant does not have any relationship.

First of all, we need to analyze the upper body then decide on the type and volume of the breast implant. Also, we need to go over some precautions before the surgery.

First thing that we check is the breast and the cortical organization – mainly how much of the subcutaneous fat and mammary glands you have.
In putting this in easier terms, we look at how thin you are, how much fat you have, and how big is your current breasts.

This is the most important factor in having a breast augmentation surgery. If the fat that surrounds your upper body is thick, then one will not be able to make out that you have an implant and there is less possibility of after-effects as well.

In opposite, if you have less fat then, one will be able to make out that you have had an implant. Also, there would be bad side-effects.

There is a paradoxical aspect here.
If you have thick upper body that means that you have a large breast. If you are a person with such body, then you might not need a breast surgery.
However, if your upper body is thin, then you would have small breasts, and may need a breast implant, but, this implant may not be good for you.

There are some people who say that “the rich get richer” and “the poor get even more poor” about plastic surgery. In some aspects, this applies to breast augmentation surgery as well. If you have a large breast then it is advantageous to have a larger implant. If you have small breasts, it is less advantageous for you to have large implants.
Those with asymmetric breasts need to be aware of this.

If your left breast is larger than the right, then a larger implant will go on the right and a smaller on the left.
However, in reality, a larger implant can be put into the larger breast (left) but the smaller breast (right) will not be able to take in a large sized implant.
An implant goes into a very closed and tight space therefore, the implant can be folded, or look unnatural.

A lot of the patients set a larger breast as a standard and think that “I might have to put this big implant.” In such case, a much larger implant needs to be used for the smaller breast.

If you want to lessen the possibility of side-effects then, you must consider the smaller breast as the standard one. First, you need to decide on the implant size of the smaller breast, then decide on the larger breast so that the two breasts look more natural and to minimize the side-effects.

Next, we need to consider the bones of the upper body.

Bones on the upper body are important because it becomes the framework of how your fat/skin is laid out. Therefore, it is important to see how the overall frame is shaped.
If the both ribs are shaped inwards, so that the breastbone sticks out, we call this a bird chest. The problem with the bird chest is that if we out in the implants, there is a high pressure in the center of the body therefore, the implants can be forced outwards looking far apart.

The number 2 ~ 4 ribs stick out so the upper body may look very thick.

If the breastbone is too low, we call this funnel chest.
The implants in a funnel chest act differently than the ones in the bird chest. The implants mover towards the center and make your breasts too large causing a problem.

As you can see, the cause of the asymmetric breasts is the shape and size of the ribs.

The surgery procedure will differ according to the shape of the upper body bones therefore it is important to check on the upper frame.

Third, we need to check on the location and the location and the placement (proportion) of the nipples.

This is one of the most common factors that I check when I analyze the breasts or upper body shape.
The core objective is to look at the upper body proportion.

All beauty surgeries are successful if the upper body proportion is good. The surgery becomes more difficult if the upper body proportion is bad.

Let’s call the middle inward part of the two collarbones, #1, and call the nipples on both your breasts #2 and #3. When you link the three points, you will be able to see a triangle.

If this shape is close to an equilateral triangle, then we can say that you have a good proportion.
If the triangle looks like an isosceles with tall height, then you might be having sagging breasts.
In such case, we need to select appropriate implant and plan the surgery accordingly.

If the triangle is wide, then the breasts are far apart, so we need to have surgery that will place the nipples closer or recommend short type implant such as water drop implant.

Fourth, we need to consider the skin elasticity of that which surrounds the breasts.

The size of the implants depends on the skin elasticity. If the skin is elastic then we can use a larger sized implant. In opposite, if the skin is less elastic then it becomes difficult to use a large sized implant.

Usually, as you age, or after you give birth, you skin becomes more elastic. Those in 20’s and 20’s would have tighter skin.

Today’s post was the first one for “Breast Augmentation Surgery – To know list”. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day.

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