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20 30 Wrinkle Removal 2
by Dr. Lee Joo Hyuck (KIES-U plastic surgery Korea)

This is a second post on the new trends in plastic surgery for correcting those who are aged between 20~30’s and look older compared to others to look younger.

- Double Chin -

There are many cases where we do V-line correction for those who are young with double chin.

For example, if you see Son Dam-bi’s (South Korean singer and actress) chin line, the angles are very clear and there is a sharp looking line between the chin and the neck. In order to have such a sharp line, the border between the chin and the neck must be very clear. The angle needs to be clear and the lower face needs to be definite to look pretty.

As you age, this part of the face becomes less clear. This is due to the drooping skin.

Double chin

MiniSculpt is a method used widely to correct double chin. If double chin is rather bad, then we can apply fat transplantation as well.  We can look at it as being MiniSculpt or Petit Surgery (non-surgical procedure) but this is less invasive so it could be looked as being closer to Petit Surgery.
If there are those of you who want more simple method, then we recommend Ultra V-lifting. As we stated above, it is a thread lifting applied on the neck skin and lower chin skin that brings about good results. 
However, this is less effective for those who are aged and have less elastic skin. This correction is dedicated to those in 20’s and 30’s.

- Dark circle and drooping eyes -

We can apply whitening treatment for the dark circle. We usually apply the laser toning. At times, IPL can be applied as well. The most important factor in dark circle treatment is the continuous treatment. This correction does not end with one time treatment. One must have continuous interest and treatment on it.

We recommend fat transplantation for the drooping eyes, but as we stated in the earlier post, we need to correct the mechanism of how you open your eyes. Correcting the shape of your eyes could be another effective correction method as well.

- Expression line wrinkles on forehead and eyes -

There are many of those who do not know the difference between lifting, Botox, and filler. Let’s define each term first.

Botox is effective on the expression lines that move dynamically to form wrinkles.  Filler is effective for furrow looking wrinkles. Botox paralyzes the muscle to prevent the cause of the wrinkles but filler corrects the everyday wrinkles that you have.

Thread lifting stiffens the tissue so that the tissue becomes tightened. It has such effect on both expression and non-expression wrinkles. Also, Ultraformer2 tightens the tissue with the energy from ultrasonic waves so when considering the final result, it is similar to thread lifting.

Wrinkles on the forehead, bridge of the nose and around the eyes are all expression wrinkles. If the expression wrinkles exist for a long time, they become furrow wrinkles although the muscles are relaxed. In such case, it is recommended to get Botox. 
In summary, Botox is effective for the expression wrinkles. It cannot be applied to those non-expression wrinkles. 

Also, Botox is most effective for the wrinkles in the upper part of the face that include those on the forehead, bridge of the nose and around the eyes. The lower part of the face includes the joints of your jaw and the muscles; therefore if this becomes paralyzed with the Botox, your facial expressions become less natural. Botox is only recommended for the square shaped jaw but not for anything else.

The most common type of filler is Hyaluronic acid and there are products such as Restylane, Juvederm and others. There are hundreds of more hyaluronic acid fillers. In my experience, there are not many differences in effect and time of effect between these products.

Why do we use a lot of hyaluronic acid products? 

If there is any problem cause, we can melt the substance and remove it. If we put a certain amount of the filler, then we will not have any problems, however, if we put a lot, then your face might look unnatural. Is such case, we need to decrease the volume used or completely remove the filler. We can melt hyaluronic acid so the patient can feel secure about the result.

Then what is the disadvantage of using the hyaluronic acid? It is the duration.
The duration does not last more than a year. The substances are from our body, therefore the body absorbs that substances in the hyaluronic acid and disappears. 

There what are the fillers with long duration?

Before we used to use a lot of PAAG or PMMA.
The duration of these are about 5 years but if there is any problem or the patients changes her mind, we cannot remove these fillers. 

- 4th Generation Filler -

There is a filler called Ellance. This is a little different from those that we have used so far. The injection method is the same as any other fillers. The duration period is about 2 months.  

However, the substances are not hyaluronic acid but are PAG. In about 2 or 3 months, the substances disappear, and recruit the collagen tissues therefore adding to your fat. 

Therefore, Ellance has foreign substance that causes the volume up of the skin then the foreign substance disappears and your fat comes together to set the volume again. So basically, there are 2 stages in this filler.

- Square shape looking lower face contour lines -

If the square jaw is caused by the bone of the muscle, we can treat is with Botox. 
But, if the skin is lagging or the cheek fat is lagging causing wrinkles on your face, you might want to treat it with Facial slimming shot. If your skin lags too much then you might also want to use Ultraformer2 or Ultra V lifting.

Below table is the summary of all the issues that we have talked about in the 2 posts. 

This is the second post regarding the wrinkles that 20-30’s have. This is rather a simplistic overview that does not cover too many details. 

We will cover more in detail in the future.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day.

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