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Deciding on the location of the incision on the breast 
– Depends on the shape of the breast
by Dr. Lee Joo Hyuck (KIES-U plastic surgery Korea)

There are many of those who have difficulty on deciding where to do the incision for the breast surgery.

Today, we will look at how you can make such a decision according to different situations.

Breast augmentation
 Breast Augmentation Incision Options, 

How to decide the incision site on Breast augmentation

1. Breast size 

If the breast size is rather small and if you are young, it is difficult to know about the breast anatomically. This is where the areola is very small also. For those who are in such a situation, the choice is limited to arm pit or belly button.

In opposite, if the breast size is rather large, then it is easy to know about the breast anatomically. The areola is clear to see. In such case, you do not have to worry about the scar wherever the incision is done.

If you want the incision on the areola but you have a narrow one, then we need to conduct the surgery from the arm pit or the bottom line of the breast.

If you want the incision on the bottom line of the breast however, if the line is not clear enough, then we need to conduct the surgery from the arm pit of the areola.


2. Revision

If we need to do a revision, then we need to fix the problem cause in the first surgery. If there is inflammation, problems with structure, rotation, position, etc and need second or third revision, the surgeon must have a good view of the overall surgery so that there aren’t any further problems caused and also for the surgeon to see and check if the problem has been fixed.

The location for the best possible view of the surgery is the bottom line incision. I recommend bottom line incision for the revision. If bottom line incision cannot be done, then I would recommend the areola.

If it is a simple revision, for example, if you just want to change the size of the implant, we can use endoscope on the arm pit. But most of the revision is required because 90% of them are due to severe problem.

3. Sagging breast

The difference between the sagging breast and other breast surgery is that we need to put the implant from the upper part of the breast and set initial prevention so that there is no wrinkle or double bubble line formed.

We need to conduct bilayer surgery in order to solve such as problem, and also use secure water drop shape type.

Also, such bilayer, water drop shape implant is most effective for the bottom line incision.

Bilayer level is differentiated according to how much the breast lags as well. In order to align the symmetry, and side effects, the surgeon must have 100% visibility. This visibility can be found from bottom line incision, and the procedure can be accurate and delicate as well.

4. Location of the scar

If you do not want to see the scar while you are lying down, then the incision at the bottom line should be avoided. If you do not want to see any scar around the areola, then the incision on the areola should be avoided as well. Also, if you are a model who takes a lot of photos, or are a fitting model who needs to wear sleeveless clothes, then you might not want the incision on the arm pit as well.

5. Large water drop shaped implant vs Small sized implant

Water drop shaped implant is very secure meaning that it is agglutinable and strong. If you have a small body but use a large volume implant, the implant would tear much of your skin when the surgeon puts it in. Such trauma causes a lot of bleeding and can be a cause that changes the structure or the location of the implant in the long term. If you want to avoid such a problem, then the best place for the incision would be the bottom line.

However, if the size of the implant is small, then none of these would be a problem. We can do the incision on the areola or arm pit or any other place that you want.

6. Size of the areola

If the Cohesive gel implant is to be successful, the diameter of the areola has to be about 2.5 cm. For saline bag implant, the size does not matter.

But if you want to use securely shaped water drop type implant, the process of putting in the implant is difficult, therefore, the areola’s width has to be bigger. If you have a naturally small areola, then it is advised that you do not do the incision on the areola for the water drop type implant.

7. Recovery period

If you want to get back to your normal life quickly after the surgery, then bottom line incision is recommended. The periosteum does not get damaged during the peeling stage so there is less pain and the surgery duration is very short so we do not need to use much of anesthesia. You can also recover mentally quickly as well and you do not feel awkward or bad after you wake up from the anesthesia. Athletes who perceive the recovery period to be important prefer the bottom line incision the most.

Before & After breast augmentation surgery [KIES-U Korea]

We looked at the various considering factors of each of the incision locations. On the internet, we can only refer to the advantages and disadvantages of the locations and the context seem like a reading from a textbook.

So this post looked at different situation and the appropriate incision locations. I hope such details would be able to help you out more.

Have a great day, thank you for reading.

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